Notice of Special General Meeting 12 July 2017

NZLARPS will be holding a Special General Meeting to vote on a constitutional amendment relating to NZLARPS’ financial transaction limit. The background to this amendment is here

The proposal is an interim fix to allow the Auckland Committee to pass a budget for the upcoming Saga Larp. We anticipate a permanent solution will be voted on at the AGM if required.

When: 7:30pm, 12 July 2017
Where: 80C Woodglen Road, Glen Eden, Auckland 0602

The business to be conducted is as follows:

  • Election of a returning officer for email votes;
  • Motion 1
    That s3(a) be repealed and s3(b) be replaced by the following:

“(b) To use the funds of the Society as the Society may consider necessary or proper in payment of the costs and expenses of furthering or carrying the purposes of the Society. Where financial commitment exceeds seven thousand New Zealand dollars (NZ$7,000) all such actions must be approved by the National Committee or regional AGM/SGM. In cases of conflict, the SGM/AGM vote prevails.”

Because of the requirement for email voting, no amendments will be accepted from the floor.

A two-thirds majority of members voting is required to pass a constitutional amendment.

Quorum for the meeting is ~31 people. However, those casting electronic votes count for the purposes of quorum.

Any member may vote by email. At the start of the meeting a returning officer will be elected who will have the responsibility of tallying up the votes. To vote, email your ballot (below) to: Email voting is not anonymous but only the vote counter will be able to see the emails, and they will subsequently be deleted.

Below are the things you need to vote on for the SGM if voting by Email:

Motion 1:

Bump. Less than a week till the SGM. If you don’t plan to attend, and you haven’t voted yet, please do so - we need over 30 people to be quorate.