The Great Wellingotn Gear Rehoming


Hey all!

I’ve worked my way through all the real options for Gear Storage in Wellington (that is not in my house).

I would like this resolved before the AGM this year.

My favored recommendation is to put a 10ft second hand shipping container on Norms front garden. This will come out at about $4,000 (rounded up, including GST). This requires us putting in a working bee to clear the front garden (maybe a day? two?).

My next favourite option is a new “construct-a-container” on either the front or back yard at Norms, which is shorter VERTICALLY but longer LENGTHWISE. The cost is about the same. I prefer the front yard because of the stairs involved in the back yard. It will also require a working bee to clear the space a bit.

Before you ask, the account has about $3,000 in it, and we bring in about $75-$150 per game. We are looking into grants and other sources of cash

On the other hand, maybe I’ve been looking at this for too long as just want it outta my house, so have a look at ALL the options I’ve gone through and see what you think: this is the words this is the numbers

The docs are comment-able, but if you really want to scribble on them I’ll give you permission. Please comment away!

I would like to set up a brunch within the next month for us to have an in-person chat about this - I’d like Norm and all the committee members to attend, but would welcome input and suggestions from other people if they want to come along or send along input (for out of towners).

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