The children of the Maker.

There are two types we have encountered so far: green markings and blue markings. Both humanoid1..

The one with blue markings that I had time to talk to had lines up to just under the eyes with (4?) dots on one side, above the eye the dots (3?) were on the other side of the lines.

The types are connected by what was described as a shared subconscious; but more than that, when the dragon’s bone2. of one shattered it shattered the dragon’s bone of all the others of that type. This did not kill them. Their bodies are made out of a material much like our flesh, but more perfect - it does not decay.

The one, a blue type, who followed us back from Sufrant has given himself the name Cobalt.

  1. There are apparently other sorts, such as the “Monsters” created for the arenas of Namassis. But the Nephilim we met had not seen any in some time. He said they were all kept in a different part of the citadel, but also that they weren’t built to last in quite the same way as his kind were.

  2. Each had dragon’s bone at its core, as we have hearts.

“Connie” gave up her core voluntarily for us to use to destroy Ghedron.

Ahh yes. Connie was the first of the blue type we were able to talk to. Cobalt was upset at her demise but believed us when we told him she had sacrificed herself.

The Green Nephalim were different and earlier models, before the maker had perfected the Dragonbone core. I am not sure that when one broke they all broke, but rather it was an imperfect design.

The Green Nephalim also did not display much in the way of sentience, and in both instances spoke little and fulfilled the role of guard. They both carried weapons. The Blue ones did not

I believe it was shattered in much the same way, and we were careful to only use arcane on the second one. No shattering sound was heard. I believe we were able to take dragonbone from other green Nephilim, before the one on the other side was destroyed? Or was that a blue Nephilim?

Both green nephlm were broken with shattered pieces. One was hacked to pieces, the other had only arcane damage done

I thought the others said they broke the first one by fighting it?

That is correct

The first one in sufrant was hacked to pieces. Upon investigation of its core it was in pieces.

The second one encountered in the sewer was destroyed by arcane energy. When the core was examined it was likewise shattered.

When asking the differences between blue and green to Cobalt, he explained that they were different models. That the Green were earlier creations, and less perfect. The core and was subsequently improved as was the capability of the models.

If we encounter another green, I’d like to try using dispel on it, if we can’t get any useful information while it is active. Uncertain if it will work, but worth a shot.

But we didn’t shatter the dragon’s bone - it was already shattered right? We would have heard it had it happened while we were there at least?

Yes. It was already broken - consider the Green cores to be much more crude.

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In addition the biggest question that must be answered is



Ahh yes. The blue modals were made to last in a way the green, and the monsters were not.

Sufrant itself still stands too. Its fallen into disrepair, but nothing 100 years of not being occupied wouldn’t do to many structures. But its possible an apprentice made that?

The Constructs were the Makers secret project to replicate life, even the other gods did not know this.

  • Messahl didn’t create anything for the Messahlites; He gave them problems to solve and gave the occasional guidance (the Divine teachings)
  • Messakai still has aqueducts, irrigation, and heating pipes etc that still work, and are repaired and new ones made
  • Perhaps that is why they have not crumbled, they weren’t created by, or powered by, divine energy
  • Perhaps they were made by the Makers apprentices/earlier constructs

Even the Maker’s own apprentices didn’t know.

Some of them… or all of them?

According to Cobalt - none of the apprentices were permitted to know*. Vanhier was, by all accounts, a perfectionist and hadn’t yet reached the point where he considered his creation “complete”.

However, they did all know bout the “monsters”, which were also called Nephilim by Cobalt…

  • He may have only been referring to his own (blue) kind.

I too would like to see what Dispell does to a construct. I was tempted to use it on Connie before we even left Sufrant, but the idea of learning more before destroying her, was too compelling.

The idea of destroying one of the makers creations that was still up, talking, walking around, and exhibiting emotions, made me almost as physically ill as the idea that our drinking water was filled with decaying bodies.