Agreed - it was when there was talk about them being magical constructs. But before we got into the main room and found that Connie was still operational. At that point it became a moot point.


“Yeah. Outsiders are weird, you know. It’s like they all think differently. Life must be real cheap out there”


I can confirm that there are Relics out there made by the Savronar the Wise, that do not need divine energy to maintain them, they were said to be “made whole”.

These Relics are still as good as new, and have not tarnished, crumbled or fallen into disrepair.


Olcanta fell because it was Savronar’s power keeping it afloat. Castarr sunk for similar reasons - but the buildings still stand, and the people have forged new pathways, and homes, between the windows of the old towers. Sufrant fell into disrepair, but many walls still stand.

It seems not all citadel’s fell to ruins. Just those being actively maintained.