Los Angeles by Night - in Dunedin

A Vampire: the Requiem larp set in LA, but actually situated in Dunedin:


Oh yay, more larping! Awesome to see something else get kicked off.

Wow that was fast! That’s my game :slight_smile: I only made up the blog last night then put a link in my Facebook status to advertise it… and all the visits are from Facebook except one who was from this here site here :slight_smile: Thanks for linking it in!

If anyone has any questions about it I’d be more than happy to answer them :slight_smile:

Thanks for the recognition!

Oh, and Hi! First post :smiley:


Hey Viperion, welcome to Diatribe! Keep us posted about how your game progresses, we’re really interested in learning more about the Dunedin larp scene, and getting to know the folk involved :slight_smile:

Thanks Anna, I will. The blog (once the game is going) is going to be pretty much for that exact purpose; provide an OOC way of keeping up with what’s going on, plus the odd post on rules changes, background items, and so on.

As far as the LARP scene in Dunedin goes, it’s pretty much as NoRectangulars here said back at the start of the year. We’re a fairly constant group of between 15-30 (ok so that doesn’t sound very constant :laughing: ) mostly Uni students. We’ve run through 4 Vampire LARPS since about 2005, being:

Christopher Slattery’s “End of Days” V:tM LARP (ran almost 2 years), which ran using RPS and went from Camarilla to Sabbat to WTF?!?
Ian Bayard’s V:tM LARP, RPS, Camarilla based with a large amount of interference from those pesky humans
Caillan Nichols and Daniel Donaldon’s V:tM LARP, RPS, Camarilla based but with a Prince with an affinity for Shadows… Also involved Fae. And Mummies.
Bradford Brizzell and Stuart Stoddart’s kinda-sorta V:tM LARP, using a hybrid task resolution system (closer to V:tR than anything else, but different) which is currently being played but is coming to an end soonish.

All of the above have used the V:tM clans, and all but the last used a more or less standard Camarilla organisation (the current LARP has a website here). My one is the first in Dunedin to use V:tR


Hey Matt :slight_smile:
Good to see you here! At this stage looks like I probably won’t be running the Mage game after all, just too busy. Your one looks great though! NZlarps is great if you need any help with larp stuff. I’m thinking of runnign a series of one-off’s, starting with (hopefully) the Dark Hart of Camelot early next year while it’s still warm.


Hey Daphne (Daphen? :wink: )

I haven’t released much about the game yet (there’s a bit on the dunedinbynight forums but not much) but thanks for the compliment :slight_smile: There is room for a once-a-month Mage game if you still wanted to run it and everyone may well decide my game sucks and jump ship anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

One-offs sound like a cool idea I hear the “children” one you ran earlier this year went pretty well :slight_smile:


LOL can’t even spell my own name!

WARNING: If you’re going to play in the LA By Night game in Dunedin next year, DO NOT READ THIS. Or read it then forget it. Or don’t tell anyone. Or something. :slight_smile:

So I guess here is as good a place as any to try this:

We’re looking for a few (maybe up to 5) people to play as Non-Playing PC’s. Let me explain :slight_smile:

The game is set in a particular domain of Los Angeles, ruled over by a Primogen. There are plenty of other domains in the city, and there is (of course) also the Prince and her council. What we’re looking for is a few people to play roles such as Sheriff, Keeper of Elysium, Harpy of Los Angeles and so on - very high level positions, and ones which won’t be filled by “normal” players. There are a number of reasons why we’re keeping positions of power out of the hands of players some of which (not all :wink: ) I’ll detail here:
[ul][li]We intend this to be a very “personal” game; by which I mean the storylines will probably involve the player and their immediate concerns. We don’t plan on running city-wide plots (or heaven forbid, world-wide plots), at least not anytime soon. Having a player who is also “Harpy of Los Angeles” means they would spend a lot of time doing city stuff (which the ST’s can handle) rather than their own plots[/li]
[li]We purposefully want to make life difficult for the players. This involves not giving them huge amounts of status and official positions to throw their weight around with[/li]
[li]The players won’t necessarily know what’s going on if none of them speak regularly with those in power. Which makes life a lot easier for the mood we’re trying to create[/li][/ul]
So the idea is that we recruit some genuine outsiders to fill some of those roles (Prince is not available, sorry :wink: ). There will be a forum set up specifically for this game, and anyone who wants to play some of these roles would have a user account on those forums. It’s possible (and in fact from my POV, preferable) that no one except the ST’s knows who is playing which role, and if you don’t know anyone who plays down here so much the better :slight_smile:

You will have a full character sheet, made exactly the same way as the other PC’s (which a fairly large whack of XP to spend afterwards to make you suitably dangerous, of course :smiley:). We envisage that most of the time you’ll have almost nothing to do - which in-game would be completely untrue, but as far as the “playing PC’s” are concerned, you’ll only have things to do when something concerns them or their domain, so in essence it will only be a part-time character, and even then all you really have to do is post on the forum/send the odd email. You’ll be in contact with the ST’s a lot of the time, esp when those pesky PC’s do something which would be brought to your attention.

Would anyone be keen to have a go at these roles? I promise there wouldn’t be a lot of work in it (good thing) but likewise there may well be long stretches of time where you have nothing to do (bad thing). What I don’t want to have is a ruling council that sticks it’s oar in because it’s bored - they have plenty to do IC, but it won’t affect the PC’s a lot of the time so they wouldn’t necessarily need to be active on the forum. The roles I’m looking to fill are:

Harpy of Los Angeles: Michael Dawson (Carthian Daeva)
Sheriff of Los Angeles: Aaron Weldon (Carthian Gangrel)
Master of Elysium: Jason Young (Carthian Ventrue)
Hound: Lucian Foster-Webb (Ordo Mekhet)
Possibly Seneschal: Lady Vanessa Pryce (Invictus Ventrue)

Anyone keen?


If I lived down I would sorely be tempted to put my hand up and volunteer. Certainly sounds like their in for a lot of fun…

Not living here would be an advantage in this case. These characters will (probably) never appear in person at an Elysia (they’re far too important to concern themselves with Neonates! :slight_smile: ) and basically all we’re looking to accomplish is to have some real people playing those roles via the interweb so a) we don’t have to :wink: and b) they have a unique voice and aren’t merely another version of me talking

Give it some thought :slight_smile: There’s PLENTY of time yet, character creation isn’t until February


Just to plug this - I think it would be a really great thing to get some inter-island larping going on!

I’d love to help with this. I’ve sent you a PM :slight_smile:

Responses have been good :slight_smile: So far we’ve had three people reply! Really impressed with the speed these forums work at :slight_smile:

Thanks guys n gal! :stuck_out_tongue:


P.S IdiotSavant, I know this is a tiny thing but can you please change the title of the thread to spell Los Angeles correctly… It’s one of those things that annoys me no end :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be happy to help and fill any of the roles for you.

Excellent responses people :slight_smile:

So far the roles of Harpy and Hound are more-or-less taken, with another person deciding between Sheriff or Master of Elysium, so looking good. Thanks all!


Are you thinking that these roles could also be talked to live at some games via video on Skype or something?

It’s certainly possible but such a thing would be a very rare occurrence indeed. Skype would be very handy for character creation though :slight_smile:


The occasional cell phone call or text received during the game could also potentially add to the experience too.

Oooh - that could be really cool. Surprise phone call - OMG, it’s the Prince! He wants me to do what???