Los Angeles by Night - in Dunedin

Wait!? This isn’t a thread about mexican mathematicians that can’t find an equation on evening??.. awwwww man.

OK I’ve officially had all the volunteers I can handle :slight_smile: Congrats (I guess? :stuck_out_tongue:) to Anna K, SlackerJ, amphigori, Bryn, and Uncle Vanya :smiley:


Sounds like a heck of a lot of fun. Who got what?


Lots more details to come (via pm) but I’m at work now so it’ll have to wait :wink:


As a general question, what exactly does the Master of Elysium do? It sounds kinda fancy and probably lotsa fun, but I’m not entirely sure what it entails.

All in good time :slight_smile: Short version: He looks after the Elysium venues and is responsible for deciding on the punishment for any transgressions that occur thereon :slight_smile:


w00! That’s a mighty-fine group of volunteers there.

Wow, that’s a formidable group to be running the city!

Not so much formidable, as severely over equipped for their assigned jobs.

This is going to be fun :smiley:

A truly national game, with two NPCs from Auckland (myself and Vanya), two from Wellington (Amphigori and Bryn) and one from Hamilton (SlackerJ) :wink:

Daphne: You’ll notice none of them are Prince :smiling_imp: But yeah it will be interesting :slight_smile:

Have I got myself into some trouble here? Everyone seems to know who all these people are but I haven’t got the foggiest :wink:


Lol. We’ve all been around the LARP bush a few times. And if you come to Teonn you’ll probably meet us all…

There’s no way I can make Teonn unfortunately :frowning:

Didn’t the others introduce themselves? If they don’t tell you about themselves, I will :smiley:

Everyone said something but that doesn’t mean I know who they are :laughing:

I’m sure it’ll be fiiiiine :wink:


Don’t worry - it’s a solid group of roleplayers! I’m just worried, because I’m going to be one of the people on the other end of their (probable) IC wrath :smiley:

Don’t worry I’ll go easy on ya [size=10]for the first five minutes[/size]… :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Well the first game was last night…

After rushing through a couple (ok 5) characters last night, we ended up with 21 playing the game, 3 with characters who weren’t there, and 1 who isn’t quite done yet who was sick and unable to come. All in all, a good turnout! Hope everyone had some degree of fun :slight_smile:

The final clan and covenant numbers are as follows:

8 Daeva
7 Mekhet
6 Ventrue
3 Nosferatu
2 Gangrel

7 Invictus
7 Ordo Dracul
6 Carthian
4 Lancea Sanctum
2 Circle of the Crone

I’m very happy with these numbers, the covenants in particular. Apart from the relatively large number of Ordo Dracul, the spread of covenants is more or less representative of the population of Los Angeles as a whole, with Invictus being followed by Carthians (then, on average Ordo 3rd), distantly followed by Lancea and Circle bringing up the rear. Interestingly (well, to me anyway…) the number of Carthians + Ordo handily outnumber Invictus + Lancea - the factions which fought over power in the coup of '76.

Likewise with the clans - what better city to have a majority of Daeva than Los Angeles?

This should set up some interesting interactions for the future and I’m really quite excited by the possibilities (steeples fingers, laughs maniacally…)


Congrats on a good turnout for the first game! Those are some good numbers there, and a good spread!

Woo! And I get to be Deputy Sheriff!