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This is off-topic from the ‘introduce yourself’ thread, but Bryn and I DO have a “made up” language for our Alfar and spent the first few hours of the first game speaking only that.

It’s great fun, but hard :smiley:


[quote=“Kamica”]If we meet around the next Teonn game, teach me how to pronounce it =D, I love to learn and pronounce things…
Sorta on that subject, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a foreign (Made up) language in an RP that you can decipher?[/quote]

I’m a Morkin at Teonn if you come and play one we can speak Dutch and make that the language of our tribe ^^ not many would know what we were on about :slight_smile:


Sorry, I’ll be playing a Human =S.
Also, I’d rather invent a language than use an existing one anyway.


Hello I am Kathryn! I have never larped before, but I would love to join in on some and get into it, I’m only in the Auckland area for 2 more months… So I hope I find something quick that I can join in on!


Hello! :slight_smile:
This is coming up soon Chrono Continuum Game 3 - The Redirection


Hello! :slight_smile:
This is coming up soon[/quote]
To my great misfortune! That is the one day I am unable to! And I’ve searched and searched to see if there are any others before I leave and I haven’t found any!


This one is coming up soon too. The Great Exhibition at MOTAT's "Aether and Iron" Event


Hey Kathryn - we’ve got some cool stuff coming up in the next two months. We have a game of Chrono Continuum on June 25th, a Victorian game called “The Great Exhibition” on July 10th and if you’re here at the end of August, we have our annual convention, Chimera.


Is there any more information about The Great Exhibition?
– I leave August 16th


Hello :slight_smile: I recognise a few names and faces around here :slight_smile: I may not be terribly active as I am a costuming geek first and foremost but that gets expression in many ways (SCA, theatre, cosplay etc.) Pretty much everything about me can be found in my signature :wink:

Star Wars fan (probably won’t subscribe to the MMO but it sure is purdy) and love me a bit of historical biography reading.

Oh and I’m half dutch so that may continue the Nederlander theme :wink:


Yup, hearing of many many half or quarter-dutch people here in New Zealand XD.


G’day Michaela! Welcome aboard!


[quote=“khryn”]Is there any more information about The Great Exhibition?
– I leave August 16th[/quote]

Hi Kathryn, I just posted some information on our forums:

We would love for you to come and play!


[quote=“Anna K”]

We would love for you to come and play![/quote]
Thanks for the information! I’ll check it out and see if I can come!


My name is Thomas Aagaard

Ryan Paddy told me about this forum and that he had link to some pictures from the danish Krigslive (warhammer fantasy larp)

So I thought i better drop by.

Iam 30years old and live in Denmark.
I have bin playing and organizing larps since 1999.
(The latest larp i organized was in 2009. Krigslive V)

When not doing that, iam studying medieval and renaissance archaeology at university.
And I do some work for Calimacil by representing them here in Denmark.


Welcome Thomas.


Hey Thomas, nice to see you here.

It would be cool to share war stories between Denmark and NZ. You guys have already had that explosion in larp uptake where 1 in 10 Danish kids were playing or something crazy, whereas we’re rapidly growing but haven’t hit a real combustion point yet, and we’re still largely focused on adult players.

Do you reckon that massive uptake in Denmark was specifically because it spread quickly among kids? I guess young people may be more open to new ideas - I know that I had 30+ mates at high school that all ended up larping just because a handful of us were enthusiastically running games, it can be like a fad.

On the other hand, it seems like you’re attracting plenty of adults too, to Krigslive for example.


Welcome, awesome pic =D.

About the kids playing LARP thingy. I read that article by that danish person that was floating around the forums somewhere, and I printed it, and gave it to some important person on my school, he’ll read it, and see if it’s possible to try such a thing on school… (He had a friend who played DnD, so he’ll be more open to such stuff =3)


Welcome, Thomas!


WELCOME said in a non-crazy way to imply im somewhat sane