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Sounds really interesting. You might want to start a new thread about it so that this one doesn’t go wildly off-topic.

shrieks in unholy terror
I’m Stephanie. I used to live in Auckland but moved to Wellington a few months ago. gets slightly paranoid

I’ve generally just roleplayed with the AMERICA crowd, I played Lydia Coltello in the fantastic 30s LARP, and I am deeply envious of all the bloody Auckland folk who get to play in Nightmare Circle. shakes fist
Anna has finally persuaded me (with her FISTS, I tell you!) to join Mordavia.

Hi my name is Terry i am also moving to New Zealand in 2 years along with paul and my wife.i have been roleplaying for 21 years on many differant systems from iron age celts , romans , high fantasy , low fantasy free form , blank firing westerns , slasher b movies and has seen the game evolve through many changes.I have also run many events and linears. I look forward to getting to know a lot of new people on the other side of the world.If there any questions about the game in the UK , please ask, as i will have plenty to ask back.Over the coming months i will put links on to some of the stuff we are doing.

Would it be possible for poeple to put their ages in their introductions?

I would be embarassed.


[quote=“CiCi’s Signature”]
Where’s my daddy?
Is that my daddy?
He says, "Do not let me detain you."
He is Lord Vetinari!
That’s not my daddy![/quote]

Gasp :open_mouth:

I just recognised where that’s from! Curse you - I haven’t read the Pratchett For Small Children book yet…

grumbles and cries

Hi i don,t mind that, my age is a young a springy 36. :open_mouth:

[quote=“theamazingcatherine”]I just recognised where that’s from! Curse you - I haven’t read the Pratchett For Small Children book yet…

grumbles and cries[/quote]

Sadly, I haven’t read it either, I was told the quote by someone else. I’m hoping it appears magically under the Christmas tree. Or the next day at my birthday BBQ. At which I will turn a shocking 22. gets gold star for subtly combining topics

Hi, I’m Karen, I’m 36 and been living in Auckland for 8 year and before that in Chch.

I started larping with roleplaying cause I was told it was evil, and I wanted to check that out for myself :slight_smile: Been here ever since. Before moving to Auckland I was heavily involved in the gaming life in Chch. Now I’m in Auckland and I’m heavily involved with the America:Auckland Uni Roleplaying Group. I am also into Kaos, pacifist warfare, SCA, Buffy and general vampire stuff.

I’m currently playing in the OWBN game, playing Marilyn, a crazy American Malkav, and in the America Vampire game playing Shayna, a very young naive gangrel.

Hi, my name is Gary, I am 33 and have been role-playing for 20 years, larping for 10. I belong to a group in the United Kingdom, which is interested in getting to know other larp players on an international level. This site was recomended to me by Ryan from the Mordavia group. Hopefully I will be able to be able meet new people and exchange ideas and learn a lot from this community.

I look forward to getting to know you all a lot better and hope people will feel free to contact me or look me up if they are ever in the UK.

Many thanks


Hi I am Marc (may be abvious based on the name or not)
I have been involved in larping only about 3 months but have been doing steel weapon combat for about 2 years.
I have done roleplaying and tabletop wargamming for coming up to 11 years now.(hence the warhammer larp idea)
I am 21

I’ve been avoiding doing this for too long now…

Ryan, 30 (and it still smarts), Aucklander. Been roleplaying since I was a kiddie, and larping since 13 or so when Derek came over to my family’s house to show my brother how to make silly swords out of… metal rods and wet-suit rubber, as I recall.

Ran larp games all through school (calling it “widegaming”) that in retrospect were rubbish. :wink: That school group turned into Portal Games, ran larps for the general public. Then started up Mordavia with Scott Farndon, games got larger and lasted whole weekends rather than just single days.

Interested in larp in all forms, although mostly experienced with live combat stuff. Last year I went to the UK and played in a game called Maelstrom with 800 people. Very cool, and I found the player-driven approach they take really invigorating.

Got lots of ideas for future larps large and small, live combat and otherwise. Looking forward to the scene growing through the formation of NZLARPS and hope to see heaps more games to chose from around NZ, and heaps of variety of styles.

Hi ,i thought i would place an email address to show some of the stuff i do in the uk.As i have mentioned i am immigrating over in the next couple of years [to long i say] and will be looking at starting up a roleplay site.There is a good gallary on it ,i play Tiathakin a blacksheild from ireland .Its a great system using celt mytholagy as its backbone and the charectors played rang from bards , picts , saxons , druids, the she , firbolg and more please have a look and tell me what you think,our friends in new zealand live in and around Wellington and my wife and i are looking at living in the Wiarapa area i hope i spelt it right.We where over there on honeymoon and fell in love with the country.This is the

There also some downlodable trailers of the events.

I’ve heard heaps of great stuff about Dumnonni, and the photos look fantastic. Have you been involved in organising Dumnonni or other games?

Hi i have been involved with mainly lorian trust and dumnoni over the last couple of years but there are also one off tale such as grimm tales which was lovely, dark and grimm , westerns that are alot of fun and alot of the saxon tales ,coming up is another event set in the world of conan and a large saxon event that will have 7 players and 70 crew something that will be a first no details on that as yet but if you are interested i can keep an update on that.Also there will be an event set in the world of sharpe {waterloo} and i will be running an event based on the last of the mohicans.I run a group called the lanznechts and have run numeress events for them ,around 15 to 40 players .Also countless indoor adventures .This was called the KEEP and was an old mill converted into a tavern , dongeon area the size of half a football field and a banquet hall.This was all done up and decorated to look look a medievil world.Very atmospheric. The dungeon area and differant size rooms, crawl spaces hidden doors and rooms,each route never the same and depending how long the linear or freeform was the route was longer or shorter.Heavily amed men fighting in confined spaces was great.As i have said before i have played the game for 21 years and in that time alot of differant genres has been played some i wish to bring over as well as an indoor and out door site.

Hello again this another email address for an event i am crewing in a couple of weeks, ,maybe we could set up another topic page that would deal with links to events that everyone has played and photos.

Hi :slight_smile:

I’m Sam, often known as wOOt, and I’m totally new. I’ve been sucked in by SCA people (Waves at Derek( I was the Chirurgeon at CF)), and think this looks like fun :smiley:

I’m gonna take a look at the Mordavia group when it gets going in Christchurch.

Uhm, my interests include the SCA, Anime, uh, KAOS (And pacifist warfare), video games (I’m currently re-playing KOTOR) and all things involving Yaoi fanfic. :smiley:


my name is carl

i started role playing i high school but had to stop because the group i was in were more interested in argueing over who had the most charisma fighters or mages.

i starting larping with mordavia at the hollow kingdom

I am a member of Auckland Sword and Shield, have been a member of the Knights Draconis for six years, i have also played with the SCA a bit.

I am an actor and a cancerian

G’day Sam.

I must say you did a dreadful job of Chirurgeon at CF. :smiley: :smiley:

I sprained my ankle on the war field. Eventually I limped to the side and collapsed in a pile of agony.

What I hoped to happen at this time was the chirurgeon to rush over to me and pamper me. For them to praise my courage, pile sympathy upon me and generally massage my ego while tending to this life threatening injury.

However, none of this occurred. :frowning:

Instead, the local children, seeing a wealthy knight unable to defend himself, looted my body!

That’s right, they went through my pockets looking for lose change! :open_mouth:


(I’m teasing, thanks for the ice and bandage that turned up - they were exactly what I needed)

:smiling_imp: Yaoi fangirls unite!

And KAOS is all good, too. killing round today

I’m a boy >>;