Interesting larp-related kickstarters


Since there’s a couple of interesting larp-related kickstarters up ATM I thought I’d start a thread for them. We can add to it as more come along.

  • Crescendo Giocoso - a collection of 12 small Italian chamber-larps, ranging in size from 2 to 30 players. Yes, its in English (and Italian, of course). Probably useful to see how they design such games in Italy. Closes 1/6/2017.
  • The Imposters - a conspiracy roleplaying game anthology which includes three small larps. One of them, They’re Onto Me, pushes the larp envelope by apparently being solo-player, played over YouTube videos. Closes 12/5/17.


In case it matters, the editor of The Imposters (Josh Jordan) is a guy I talk to on Google Plus sometimes. He seems pretty nice. (Also thoughtful about his roleplaying.)


Here’s another one: A Wolf By Any Other Name AKA “Werewolf Breakfast Club”. Its a New World Magischola spinoff about magic students in detention. Except that someone (probably more than one) is a werewolf and its the night of the full Moon. Fortunately, detention is being held in the alchemy lab…

Its being pitched as a party game, but it seems more like a proper larp, and it has been run at InterCon. But like many recent games its card-based - ugh.


The Journey Deck: a tarot-style deck for Empire, a big UK fest larp. Potentially useful if you want a variant tarot for any fantasy larp.


Good Society, a Jane Austen tabletop rpg, has a larp version (playable in 3 - 5 hours) among its unlocked stretch goals.


Good Society unlocked its larp two weeks ago, and they’re now aiming for a “global larp event”, a series of interconnected events with letters passed between them. Details here:


And the global larp event is unlocked. I’m highly tempted to be part of this if it looks good and if I can find enough like-minded regency fans to join me.


Another potentially interesting one, though they’re pitching it as more party game than larp:


Larp-adjacent, this time: someone in the UK is doing their own version of Killer:

Or you could just get the basics from the KAOS Assassins Guide.


Musketeers has made bandguns the standard in New Zealand, but there’s a kickstarter for a nerf musket: