Interesting larp-related kickstarters

Since there’s a couple of interesting larp-related kickstarters up ATM I thought I’d start a thread for them. We can add to it as more come along.

  • Crescendo Giocoso - a collection of 12 small Italian chamber-larps, ranging in size from 2 to 30 players. Yes, its in English (and Italian, of course). Probably useful to see how they design such games in Italy. Closes 1/6/2017.
  • The Imposters - a conspiracy roleplaying game anthology which includes three small larps. One of them, They’re Onto Me, pushes the larp envelope by apparently being solo-player, played over YouTube videos. Closes 12/5/17.

In case it matters, the editor of The Imposters (Josh Jordan) is a guy I talk to on Google Plus sometimes. He seems pretty nice. (Also thoughtful about his roleplaying.)

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Here’s another one: A Wolf By Any Other Name AKA “Werewolf Breakfast Club”. Its a New World Magischola spinoff about magic students in detention. Except that someone (probably more than one) is a werewolf and its the night of the full Moon. Fortunately, detention is being held in the alchemy lab…

Its being pitched as a party game, but it seems more like a proper larp, and it has been run at InterCon. But like many recent games its card-based - ugh.

The Journey Deck: a tarot-style deck for Empire, a big UK fest larp. Potentially useful if you want a variant tarot for any fantasy larp.

Good Society, a Jane Austen tabletop rpg, has a larp version (playable in 3 - 5 hours) among its unlocked stretch goals.

Good Society unlocked its larp two weeks ago, and they’re now aiming for a “global larp event”, a series of interconnected events with letters passed between them. Details here:

And the global larp event is unlocked. I’m highly tempted to be part of this if it looks good and if I can find enough like-minded regency fans to join me.

Another potentially interesting one, though they’re pitching it as more party game than larp:

Larp-adjacent, this time: someone in the UK is doing their own version of Killer:

Or you could just get the basics from the KAOS Assassins Guide.

Musketeers has made bandguns the standard in New Zealand, but there’s a kickstarter for a nerf musket:

A hack of Singularity (an SF dating-show larp) to be about demons instead:

Let’s dim the lights, light our black candles, shave our antlers, and put our hooves up on the couch for once. It’s that time of year again, ghastly goetians, time for another season of Thirteen Demon Princes!

Broadcast throughout the Nine Dantean Planes of Hell, Thirteen Demon Princes is everyghoul’s favorite dating show, where one lucky demon has their pick of infernal suitors. We match them up, send them out on dates, and stir the cauldron of drama to ensure that you, impish viewer, have the most entertaining night of the week. While we can each find our own personal hells to occupy our eternities, there’s truth to the phrase that hell is other people. We’re all here today to share our hell with others and find… The One.

Thirteen Demon Princes is a larp, a Live Action Role Play, that is set on the stage of Hell’s most popular dating show, Thirteen Demon Princes. The game is based on Singularity, the transhuman dating show larp by Josh Jordan and Aura Belle. Every time you play this game, you’ll be acting out an episode of the show. One person will play your Host who guides everyone through the game, stirring up drama. One person will play the Morning Star, the object of our affections and the one who gets to choose who wins or looses. Everyone else will play Contestants, various Demonic Royalty who are competing for the Morning Star’s love.

My Jam, a workshoppy American Freeform about teenage music-mages and high school being the best years of your life.

Conclave, a larp about the 1268 papal election. Everyone’s a Cardinal, so all the roles are male, so not exactly suitable for Wellington:

A Cthulhu idol, available in a variety of metals:

Now all I need is a larp to use it in…

More Italian chamber larp:

I went in on the first of these (in fact, its right at the top of the thread), and while I haven’t yet played or run any of them (I was scheduled to at Cerberus, before plague intervened), at the least it was interesting reading. And if you missed out on the original, you can get it with this kickstarter as an add-on.

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Props: a flame-effect LED lantern, USB-chargeable and with bluetooth controls:

Seems a lot more expensive than the LED torches we use.

You’re gonna play a professional killer attending the 20th high school reunion of the Class of '99. It also happens to be your 20th reunion. Unbeknownst to you, there are seven other professional killers in attendance. You will mingle and reminisce, and then, when the time’s right, you’ll decide if you’re ready to pull the trigger (or draw your sword or whatever.)

Yes, its Grosse Pointe Blank: the larp.

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I think it’s worth reading the Kickstarter just for the self-deprecating beyond all reason comedy of the author. (“people have told me it’s fun if it’s not fun please don’t ask for a refund of your pledge.” etc)

The Minnesota Make a Scene con is publishing its backcatalog:

My general impression of this con is “workshoppy”, but if that’s your preferred beverage, then this seems like an excellent way of getting a pile of games.

A legendary larp gets published: