Interesting larp-related kickstarters

Essays on larp design from one of the key Nordic designers. Postage to NZ is a ridiculous 40 Euro (are they using USPS or something?), but fortunately there’s a PDF option:

In the letter-larp category, Love & Barbed Wire, a WWI letter-writing game:

The UK larpers have done a couple of in-person letter-writing larps (“Love Letter”, set in WW2, and “Love Letter: The Crusade”, set in 1190), and this seems to be a similar sort of thing, but scaled for two (or four) participants.

Here’s a Letters Live reading from a WWII POW to get people in the mood:

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From Italy, First They came, a game about hiding from Nazis in a dark attic:

Ultimately its a “pick the human sacrifice” game, so not my jam. YMMV.

Laser-cut foam scalemail! Not real armour, but it certainly looks good.

(The Adam Savage video shows how its done. If you have access to a laser cutter you could probably try making some yourself)

New Vampire larp setting book, focusing on collaborative and Nordic techniques:

Weirdly, they’re also linking this to a blockbuster vampire larp, Saturnalia, to take place in new Orleans in 2022. Which just seems Too Soon.

Suburban Consumption of the Monstrous, a compilation of small horror larps, from Pelgrane Press:

I’m dubious about this, both thematicly - I don’t like horror that much,and some look pretty squeamy - and because lots of small larps tend to be Workshoppy Bullshit ™. But I’ll probably buy it anyway, pour encourager les autres.

“Simulockrum”, a physical lockpicking simulator using magnets.

Expensive, and would need to use YouShop or negotiate shipping (unlike many kickstarters, they’re open about that).