Hydra 2020

Hey All

As always thank you for your support. After reviews of the survey sent out to attendees. We were not going to get enough people to break even from those that have confirmed they were coming. I considered with those that said they might come, and there were a few more people who told me they would come whether we would get enough numbers.

I also started speaking to GMs to see how many games we would get and thank you to the GMs that said they would run something.

But I believe there is too much risk running Hydra in May this year and would put a lot of stress on attendees and GMs, so sorry to say Hydra is being pulled. I will look at running a smaller event later in the year.

And already booking next years Hydra with the camp, which I will announce soon. Hoping for less conflicts over dates next year.

All the best for the other events running, hopefully everything else runs smoothly.



Thanks for all the effort you put into running Hydra. It’s a shame it’s not going to work this year, I’ll just have to pile up all my ideas for next year

Thanks for trying to make it happen, Scott. Fingers crossed for next year.

Thanks for trying. Obviously, I can offer a game for next year, or for later this year.

As sad as I am to see that Hydra isn’t running this year (and I am, it’s always been a great convention!) if the folks in Wellington want to get their start-of-year larping fix Cerberus is running in Dunedin on the 28th to 30th of March.

Admittedly getting down here may be a bit expensive given the convention is only six weeks away, but we’d absolutely love to see as many of you as we could here!

Player signups would ideally be closing at the end of this week, although we will be accepting players for at least the next two weeks, with the caveat that the later you sign up the more likely you won’t be able to get your first choice games.

The convention will cost in the region of $80-100 for the weekend, including accommodation and food. Head over to cerberus.nzlarps.org and have a look at the games list!


If anyone is wondering about travel to Cerberus, details are here:

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Too close to Saga in Auckland, and far too expensive at short notice I’m afraid.

Yeah I suspect that will be the case for most people, just putting it out there as an option :slight_smile: