2020 Wellington posse

Interested in going to Cerberus this year from Wellington? We’re going, so if you want to coordinate travel, here are the options:

Getting there: we’re travelling on NZ689, which leaves Wellington at 15:05, and gets in at 16:25. This is an earlier flight than in the past, so should give plenty of time to get to the venue (its a 15-minute drive) and settle in before games start. In the past, people have been very generous about collecting people from the airport, but if there’s a large group, we can always get a shuttle.

There is a much cheaper option of an 8:55am flight from Wellington, getting in at 10:15am, but the flip side of that is having to spend most of a day in Dunedin. A taxi from the airport to town will eat your flight savings right there, but its a good option if you have friends, plan to stay an extra day, and don’t have a high cash burn rate when visiting another city (lunch! bookshops!)

Getting back: The cheapest option is is NZ690, which leaves Dunedin at 5pm. The last round finishes at 4, but two of the games in that slot will run short, which should leave plenty of time and reduce panic. Alternative flights back on Sunday evening are massively more expensive, and require transiting Christchurch as well. If you don’t mind staying an extra night, you can get some $109 / $129 flights, or $59 / $79 if you are willing to get up obscenely early.