Hamilton regional branch - nzlarps

We’re right on the cusp of this happening, one member away from the 15 regional member limit needed to create a Hamilton branch of nzlarps.

So what do we need? More regional support from Hamilton based larpers. We need a few more nzlarps members who live in Hamilton and membership is only $10 until April. Information needed to join here

And following that we’re going to need some fine upstanding folks to help form a committee. We need a regional director, gear officer, treasurer, secretary and ideally a couple of general officers who are willing to attend meetings on at least a quarterly basis.

So keep this in mind people…

As The Coast is north east of Taupo, and the closest LARP region is Hamilton, are we (or can we be) part of a Hamilton Regional Branch of NZLARPS? :unamused:

Yes. Want to rejoin to give them the numbers?

Following the SGM successfully passing an amendment to fix the rules around regional branches and the recognition of the rule-change by the registrar of incorporated societies, the national committee passed a motion recognising the new Hamilton regional branch. Congratulations to Hamilton.

Your next step is to elect a regional committee. You will need a Regional Director, Regional Treasurer, Regional Secretary, Regional Equipment Officer, and Regional Marketing Officer. You may also include up to two General Officers as required.

We’ll organise this shortly.
So, Hamilton nzlarps members, just think about who you’d like to see have a hand in helping Hamilton larps grow!

We need to have an SGM
See link here viewtopic.php?f=21&t=9738