How to join NZLARPS

##How to join NZLARPS

###What is NZLARPS?
The New Zealand Live Action Role Playing society is a non-profit organisation that helps kiwi larpers to pool our resources and support local larp. NZLARPS gathers gear for larps to use, assists people to run larps without having to front up money, and provides services to larpers around the country. The society also runs this forum, Diatribe, as an online community for NZ larpers.

Visit the NZLARPS website

###Why should I join?
If you’re into larp but aren’t a society member yet, you should really consider joining - it will probably save you money! The annual membership fee is small, and many kiwi larps have discounts for NZLARPS members so if you attend a few of these larps each year you’ll save money overall by joining. As a member you can also vote in annual elections for the national committee, and for your local branch’s committee.


###Who can I talk to about NZLARPS?
If you’d like to contact the society, check out the Contact Us page of our website. Your first point of contact is the president of the national committee. For local matters, contact a local committee director or representative. We currently have regional branches in Auckland and Wellington, and representatives in Hamilton and Dunedin.

NZLARPS is a real asset to the New Zealand larping community, and we hope you’re keen to join up, or to renew your membership if you’re already a member!