Habitat 8

Running at the Auckland Stardome: an SF larp-adjacent event:

Habitat 8 is a high-stakes interactive space mission set on the planet Mars in the year 2034.

Stardome’s 360 degree planetarium dome has been transformed into the Launch Control Room of the Habitat 8 operating base.

When a solar flare endangers the base, everyone must work together to avert disaster. Quick thinking and teamwork will be critical. Have you got what it takes to survive?

Audience members are seated at working computer consoles with touch screen tablets and interactive dashboards. Guided by two expert engineers, everyone will be responsible for maintaining the base’s life support systems, managing the fuel production and directing the countdown for the latest rocket launch.

Experience something truly out of this world with friends and whānau as you become space engineers in this thrilling space adventure.

Habitat 8 will run for a strictly limited season at Stardome from 2nd – 17th October 2021, so don’t miss out on this first of its kind experience.

Shows run Tuesday – Sunday, 11am, 1pm and 7.30pm. Book now to avoid disappointment!

Which sounds pretty cool, and probably full of stealable ideas for SF larps.

Also, its from the people who did Apollo 13 many years ago, which was a very enjoyable larp-like experience.

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Now running in Wellington from 11 December to 20 March at Te Papa!

Ooooooh, exciting. Would anyone like to have a group visit?

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I definitely would, Covid permitting.

I’d be up for that too!

[EDIT] I think the other half could be persuaded as well.

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Destination Mars is now open. Would anyone like to go as a group?


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I would love to go, but want to wait until we’re in Green and case-numbers are down (which means sometime in later January, all going well?).

Morgue was recommending it, though, and I would love to know how it goes.

Yes! The other half and I would be up for it.

Er, from January onward. There’s no way we’ll find the time until after New Years. :sweat_smile:

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Cool. I don’t think we’ll be going before the Christmas weekend. When my partner and I are ready to talk about plans, I’ll check in with you then?

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Sounds good, just let me know.

I’ve heard that this is very good, but also short - only half an hour or so. Still planning to go.

The website says about 45 minutes, so sounds about right. And who knows, Wellington might even be in green by the time we get ourselves organised…

Hi Reanna,

We are planning a family visit to Destination Mars (ie 6 January) at 11.15am. It’s general admission, so if you make it at such short notice, we would love to see you! (It’s probably cool enough to go again, if you can’t make it and still want company.)


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Oh, hey! Yes we can make that. See you outside Te Papa?

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So how was it?

I didn’t go in the end. They were sold out of tickets by the time we tried to buy them.

I’d be interested in a review as well!

It was fun! I would call it slicker in a way compared to Apollo 13 Ground Control, but I guess I got more of an emotional punch from Apollo 13? It’s got the same general story shape - everyone’s a controller, something goes wrong, everyone has to band together to fix it, plus jokes from the actors who are running the room. They were pretty good about making sure there was audience participation happening. Also, the room they put us in was really cool with a dome ceiling and a view of ‘Mars’ coming up over ahead. Was worth the ticket fee. I’m sorry you couldn’t make it, Reanna.


Eh. It was mostly my own cluelessness that did it. I really need to keep track of the school holidays more.

Besides, it runs until about March. There should be another opportunity before then.

Crossing my fingers for Green so I can go to this…