Dry Spell campaign

Since people have seemed so keen.


My favourite moment of Chimera is this one right here, when this is became a thing :smiley:

Will this be using Dresden Lives?


As a venue, can we use the city the game is played in? Like, all of it? And part of the game is figuring out where games are being played at any particular time? E.g. have a few ‘shop’ things set up for a weekend with stuff happening and if you can find them you can enter and explore…

Oh, 1930s-1940s New Zealand does appeal.

But then it sounds like the established setting from the first 2 runs is in the US.

This would be an awesome setting for a game! Maybe not this game, but another one.

Very cool idea guys. Looking forward to it. :smiley:

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! etc.

Not against NZ as a setting. The original was America for gangsters and federal agents and lounge singers.

Like the decades we will look at demand.

I am all about this :smiley:

For the ignorant raises hand would one need to have read the books to play?

You didn’t have to for the one off but they are amazing, so it’s win win :smiley:

Hey Jackie, I tried to wrote the games with enough information that you would not need to read them and could have just as much fun. But I did enjoy the books.

Idiot, I haven’t decided on what rules system yet, I plan to look at those rules and the ones for the tabletop game and discuss with Ellen. At this stage I think we would be looking at somewhere between Kingdom/The World that Is rules and Teonn rules. With the intention to keep it simple, though with room to grow/Variety/flavour from the setting.

Mr Fish for the win

I never read the books, watched the show or played the tabletop. Larp was amaze.

The books are modern day too. Also you can totally play an innocent that is brought into the world and seeing everything for the first time. I would say reading the books is not a requisite.

Also game is amaze.

I’m in the same boat. No knowledge of the books. I played the first run at Hydra and had a good time. I think though I’d be more inclined to play a character who had no real understanding of the mystical elements so I could learn in and out of character.

I helped write the thing, and I’d only seen the TV show.

Would love if it was a monthly non-wod game with Auckland and Wellington GMs coordinating to run different cities