Dry Spell campaign

Hey guys

So a bit of the break down of the numbers so far. In less than 24 hours we have had 65 people fill in the questionnaire. Mixture of those that played the flagships, those that have read every book, and a fair few who just love the idea of urban fantasy.

What do you want to play?
10 help GM or crew
4 existing Dresden characters
18 characters played in the flagships
32 new characters

Which games?
22 Auckland
17 Wellington
25 All games, any where

Power Level of the game.
23 at a mid range (3) and then more of a desire for a lower power level game or at least starting there.

Darkness of the games.
57 of you want mid (3) to dark game, keeping the Noir and death.

Which cities we should use was all over the place, with a couple of people also requesting New Zealand cities and the same number wanting games based in the NeverNever or Fae realms.

The range of characters and factions preferred covered the whole spectrum, including horse riders of GoTs and spider sharks.

The era of the game, most wanted the current period (1930s-1940s). We also got asked about 1920s, post WW2, 1960s and a few people wanting a modern day setting. - Now my first thoughts are we will be something in the 20th century, but I won’t rule out flashbacks/travel to older time periods or the game advancing at an accelerated time rate. My preference would almost to be an earlier time period before cell phones were so prevalent, but that’s still to be discussed and decided upon.

Comments. Seems people are very excited and there was a lot of great and informative comments there, all of which we will read and take on board.

Game schedule. This game isn’t likely to be a monthly game (at least not at this point in the planning). Firstly because I want it to be a good strong game with a lot of thought that goes into it, and secondly because there are all ready a lot of games on the calendar and I want to respect those other GMs and not draw away from their games but also all of you as players, often with only so much time, energy and money to put into this hobby as well. So at this stage it’s probably in the region of 2 - 4 games for the year. Possibly tied around dates for Crucible day games (but that is still being considered as well).

Game Length. Games may be get longer and more complex as we go on, and certain specific games and themes might suit a different structure, but at this stage we are looking at an extended day game model. Much like The World That Is. And having 5 - 6 hour games. We find that keeps costs down for players and allows people who have limited time (an example being parents) being able to attend an event, which they may not be able to do with a full weekend game.

You should stop being so tempting :stuck_out_tongue:

I vote Matt sets the dates, where he can get cheap flights, so he can join us. :smiling_imp:

I vote Matt sets the dates, where he can get cheap flights, so he can join us. :smiling_imp:[/quote]And YOU can stop being an enabler :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp:

I vote Matt sets the dates, where he can get cheap flights, so he can join us. :smiling_imp:[/quote]And YOU can stop being an enabler :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp:[/quote]

Me? :confused: I’m Innocent! :unamused:


MUST. PLAY. ALL THE GAMES. :mrgreen: So excited about this it is not even funny.

Someone mentioned to me today at Phoenix that this thread existed and I just looked it up. I’m kind of late to the party, but I cannot express how excited I am about the idea of a Dry Spell campaign. I really hope it happens!

Still working in the background. We have been discussing who would be playing and crewing, and looking at what rules system would give flavour and work for the campaign without being overly complicated.

Plus one of the GMs is involved in Crucible so busy with that for now.

There will be more posts in future about what is happening with this. And I see you have signed up so all good there.