Draft Privacy Policy and Privacy FAQ

Evening all,

@IdiotSavant has drafted us up a Privacy Policy, because we need one.

We would love feedback from NZLARPS members about this policy and the FAQ that goes with it, before the National Committee votes on whether or not to adopt it officially. (We could leave the vote until the AGM and have the membership vote if people want, but I don’t even slightly think it’s necessary.)

This policy explicitly says the campaigns run by NZLARPS are expected to manage their own Privacy Policy in accordance with NZ Law, but the FAQ provides a tonne of guidance on how to do that. This includes drafts you can copy-paste, and explanations of the Privacy Principles that NZ privacy law works under.

So, please hit us with any and all feedback. As usual, I’m happy to take private comments - nzlarps@gmail.com is my Presidential email, and if people desperately want to send me things anonymously, then Google can provide :smiley:

Relatedly, Diatribe already has a Privacy Policy http://diatribe.co.nz/t/privacy-policy/6

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Both documents look good to me.

The national committee has approved the privacy policy and we’re in the process of getting it on the website. The FAQ is in the “how-to” section on the resources page.

If there’s anything else people think we should put in the resources section, or any other how-tos which would make the process of running or organising a larp easier, please suggest them, and we’ll see what we can do.