Dark Before Dawn: Ride Share thread

It’s that time again!

If you can offer a ride:
Where from, what time, and approximately how much volume of space you can handle

If you want a ride
Where from, what time can you leave, and approximately what volume of gear will you have.

The GM van is leaving from Highbury as early as humanly possible, collecting the gear and carrying DIRECTLY onto the site.
People who come along will be asked nicely to help set up, and a food run can be done later.
I am currently planning to take:
Me, Thom, Sarah Daymond, Mike Foster, Courtney

It will then return to Petone to collect:
Godly Chef (Ssar), Nick Wolf and 1 or two shopping helpers, and the Food.

Drive the godly chef, Nick Wolf, Alex Cass and maybe another helper to Petone Pack’n’Save, plus their gear, so that they can shop while gear is delivered to the site.
They’ll need to be there about 11 or 12.
I can provide my shiny new car, and will adjust the insurance so long as the driving is mostly-legal, but I will be driving the van.
This driver is then free to return to town for the afternoon.

Remember, confirm with the driver of the car directly.

Would like a ride both ways.
Finish work at 4 out in Trentham, can be at Wellington railway station by 5. Appreciate being dropped anywhere in central wellington on the Sunday. Will contribute towards petrol. I’ll have one bag of clothing and some weaponry (swords, shield, bow, quiver of arrows).

Righty o. I will have three seats available from upperhutt. Leaving whenever, can org with passengers. I have a stationwagon so there is lots of room for stuff. Will be returning to upper hutt. Can go via lower hutt or petone too. Gas money would be appreciated but not compulsory. For booking please text 0275358800 with name and address. Also if you book and change your mind please let me know asap. :slight_smile: :smiley:

I finish work in Thorndon at 4:35. I’ll have a small suitcase, sleeping bag, and giant fuck-off foam demonology tome. I’m quite close to the railway station so could get there easily. Need a ride home to Kelburn as well on Sunday. Quite happy to train to somewhere more convenient on Friday afternoon!

Chefs are currently OK to get to Petone under own steam.

HOWEVER: Both Alex C and I (Sara B) will need rides home on Sunday. We’d be very grateful to have those organised ahead of time.

Mel - please note Alex C as one of the “shopping helpers” who will be transported from Petone to the camp.


I am looking for a ride there on Friday at around 3.30, from central city or railway station. I will have a bag of costume (squishable) and a bag of props (preferably not-squishable).

And a ride back on Sunday, but that doesn’t have to be provided by the same person…

Fanks <3333

Looking for a ride there (then back), preferably from Upper Hutt, but could be from somewhere in Wellington. Willing to be as early as needed to help set up :slight_smile:

I too am looking for a ride (from around Willis Street). Could probably leave ~4pm at this stage. I will have at least a suitcase.

I’m looking for a ride both ways to/from Petone, will have just a squishy suitcase/sturdy sports bag type thing.
Won’t be able to leave on the Friday until 6 due to a heavy workload there currently.

I’m looking for a ride from either Wellington or Petone any time on Friday and then return on Sunday.

I’m looking for a lift from Town on Friday afternoon (sometime around 3-4pm) back on Sunday, would be even better if someone was going to Porirua, but Town is close enough.

Hi, Juliet here. I unfortunately don’t have enough leave to take the Friday off, so I’m finishing work at 6.30. My partner Dan (newbie crew!) is working until 5.30 and also needs a lift. We won’t have much gear since we’re crew and we’re happy to bus or train to wherever is convenient to be picked up.

I won’t finish until 5:30 pm, in Central Wellington. Happy to bus/train out to a more useful place, though. Need a ride both ways, please and thank you!

Out of towner here.
Arriving at Wellington train station Friday morning, free from whatever time is convenient. Will be staying fairly close to Wellington central and a ride would be very much appreciated. Will have a small suitcase with me.

Russ is looking for a ride to the site at some point on Friday after 2:30 p.m. Can be picked up from my flat in Kelburn, or anywhere in the central city. One medium-sized suitcase.
Also looking for return at any time on Sunday, post-game.

[quote=“Serena…”]Out of towner here.
Arriving at Wellington train station Friday morning, free from whatever time is convenient. Will be staying fairly close to Wellington central and a ride would be very much appreciated. Will have a small suitcase with me.[/quote]


One seat available there and back. Leaving from Wellington, picking up in Newlands around 5.30 pm then on to Petone. Plenty of luggage space. Can pick up between Wellington and the Camp.

Tanya has one more seat available , to and from camp. Last person being picked up at 6 pm in Petone. So can pick people up on the way before that in Wellington.

All sorted :slight_smile:

I will be driving to the camp around 4pm on Friday. Leaving from Taranaki st.

I can fit 2 people, and their gear, there and back.

First in, first served. (this is Sophie, in case people aren’t sure)