2018 AGM: Call for business

NZLARPS will be holding its AGM in mid-October, with a current expected date of October 9. A formal call for nominations for the election process will be set up in another thread, but if anyone wants to propose any amendments to the constitution or other business, then they should either post them here or email them to secretary@nzlarps.org.

The NZLARPS constitution is available here: http://nzlarps.org/assets/Uploads/docs/NZLARPSConstitution2017.doc3

Based on the expected AGM date, the expected closing date for business is 23 September 2018. This will allow all members to be notified of business the following day, to meet our 2 week notice requirement.

Edit: updated date.

And just to make it clear: the committee nominations thread is here: