2017 Wellington theatreform statistics

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End of the year, so it must be time for some stats. Its been a bad year, statistically speaking, for larp in Wellington, with an 18% drop in larp activity (as measured by total player-spaces), on top of a 25% drop the year before. This years drop is basicly “stuff not happening”: several expected events had trouble finding a venue, or in one case was killed by plague. On the positive side: we had a new campaign start (Thunderrealm Island), and “Reloaded” is now solidly established.

On the theatre-style front, we saw only 6 stand-alone games, with just 93 player spaces (vs 9 games and 169 player-spaces last year). 47 people played at least one theatre-style game (vs 86 last year). 6 of those players were completely new, and half of them are already “regulars” (sadly, I don’t have numbers on that for last year).

After three years of consistent data, it really does look as if regular players (people who play 2 or more games) fill ~70% of the player spaces, and diehards (people who play 3 or more) fill ~50%. While there was a slight male skew this year, I don’t think it was significant.