2016 Wellington theatreform statistics

I’ve repeated last year’s analysis of the Wellington theatreform market. This year’s dataset covers 9 games totalling 169 player-spaces. As with last year, the data was supplemented with information on gender and city, then anonymised before analysis. The original, unanonymised data set has been deleted. Con and campaign events are not included.

The numbers for 2016:

  • 86 people played at least one standalone theatre-style game in Wellington this year (vs 67 last year). Of those, 7 were from out of town, and 12 were unknown (these numbers differ from the raw data sheet because 2 people from PN were classified as unknown to prevent reidentification). So, the size of the local player pool is at least 65 (vs 50 last year).
  • 39 people played at least two games. As with last year this group of regular larpers were responsible for ~70% of all player-spaces played last year. Two of them might be from out of town, so there’s over 35 local regulars.
  • 23 people played at least three games. This is the hard-core, responsible for ~50% of all player-spaces filled.
  • 13 people played at least four games, and were responsible for over a third of all spaces filled.
  • The overall player pool is roughly evenly split by gender (42 F / 44 M), and there are no significant gender imbalances in the sub-pools.

The take-home headline is that we’ve significantly grown the market in Wellington this year, thanks to a strong Armageddon marketing campaign backed up by regular events. Based on these stats, it looks like we might be able to run more 20-player games again, rather than the 12-16 I’ve been focusing on. It should also mean a bigger player-pool for Hydra.