Zombie Walk - Friday 28th of May

[size=150]Zombies of Hamilton Unite !
(and get some exercise too)[/size]
We are doing a small Zombie Walk in Hamilton on Friday the 28th of May (Weather permitting) .
Meeting place is the Bandstand on Grantham Street at 6.30pm The walk starts a little latter, but we have to arrange return transport for everyone, so 6,30pm.
Usual thing, make up and blood stained clothing.

Basic rules
1.) You are not allowed to threaten or touch the public
2.) No frightening the children
3.) Do not enter any buildings or privately owned spaces
4.) Don’t touch or play with peoples personal gear (like cars or wallets)
5.) Nothing that looks like a weapon. (Zombies don’t use weapons anyway)
6.) Have fun

If you can, please post if you are coming. I am trying to get a rough head count for when we inform the police of this event.

I will come just to see Alista as a zombie… xD

Where is the walk… to? Lol or is it just, we’re zombies and we don’t care where we are going?

The dead walk tonight. At least 18 confirmed. Another 11 probables, and those are just the ones I know about.

What do we want? Brains!
When do we want it? Brains!

I missed ittttt :frowning:

got called into work at 1.30pm… they held me hostage till 12… lol i’m suprised i don’t look like a zombie!

Zombie walk was a total success.
No one was assaulted, injured or arrested and the general public was both confused and bemused. There was a very high quality of costume and a good quality of acting. Though Zombies shouldn’t laugh. If I find some photos I will post them.

A short video of the zombie walk can be found here.

Thanks to everyone who turned up, it was fun.

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