Yesterday’s LARP Workshop

Thank you to the group who attended the LARP workshop yesterday!

The game concept was incredible - going from the initial “murder mystery 80’s Americana” to a very specific and wonderfully strange smalltown mystery drama with a dozen people determined to be more preoccupied with the annual bowling tournament than the sudden news of their mayor’s suspicious death.

If anyone writing a theatreform ever needs help or wants to bounce ideas around, the NZLARPS Facebook group or these forums on Diatribe are great places to do it - we’ve got so many talented GMs on here.

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That sounds really cool.

So, what writing process did you use? Is there a blurb? When will it run?

Even though I’m still In Hiding, I’m excited by new games being written.

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I didn’t get a notification for your reply! I’ll write up the process we went through sometime soon.

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