WINTERHORN at Confusion

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ConFusion is a one-day rpg convention running in Wellington on August 4. And if you’re looking for larp there, I’ll be running Jason Morningstar’s WINTERHORN, a larp about how governments spy on and subvert activists:

WINTERHORN: the code name of a small but passionate group of “peace and justice” activists. On the surface they project innocent, if misguided, zeal, but you know better. You’ve dealt with groups like this before, and there’s always a dangerous core. Gun-runners. Bomb-makers. People who deserve to be thrown in a dark hole somewhere.

As government agents, your goal is to nudge them into destroying themselves, using every trick in the book – black bag jobs, disinformation, spinning up rival front groups, and even escalating to vandalism and violence when necessary. Your mission, with the full force of the government behind you and time running out, is to get WINTERHORN’s members fighting like rats in a bucket. They need to fall apart before they can hurt anyone, and the state’s hands need to stay clean.

They won’t know what hit them.

WINTERHORN is a live action game for 3-8 players about how governments degrade and destroy activist groups. By playing law enforcement and intelligence operatives working diligently to demoralize and derail, you’ll learn about the techniques used in the real world in pursuit of these goals. While developed as an educational tool for activists, this is an entertaining larp in its own right.


Waaah! I’ll be out of the country then.

I’m having the worst luck with event dates this year… :frowning:


Someone (but not me) may rerun it at KapCon - the card-based larps are easy like that.


Don’t worry about it, I mostly felt like venting…

I’m aiming for Hydra next year, actually, so fingers crossed.


Reminder: if you want a chance to play this, sign up for the con here:

Its in round 2, and confusion uses on-the-day signups, so there’s no guarantee of getting a space. But there are tabletop rpgs as well if you’re that way inclined.

Player signup closes on Tuesday, 31 July.