"Why run an event through NZLARPS" section on the website?

Hey team NZLARPS!

If we were to add a section onto the NZLARPS website about the pros and cons of running an event through NZLARPs (vs doing it without us), what should we put on it?

From a legal standpoint, the Health and Safety Act doesn’t apply to community groups, but it does if you’re making money. So if you run a project through NZLARPs you get that protection. But the odds of this ever coming up are small (although probably increasing?). There’s probably a bunch of other legislation which we haven’t sorted out yet that ignores community groups as well. Maybe some stuff about food preparation? (Oh I never thought about that, bugger, now I need to think about food prep legislation…)

What other factors have been important to project runners in the past? (Also, what parts of working with us are a pain in the neck?)


This post is wiki. Feel free to edit and add to it


  • Financial support: Projects are projects of the society, so NZLARPS provides financial support and assumes all financial risk. This can include things like paying for your venue a year in advance, and paying for vehicle hire when the gear trailer breaks down the day of the game.
  • (Cheaper) gear: In Wellington, projects get free use of the gear pool, while non-projects pay a gear fee. In Auckland, Projects get lower rates.
  • Clear exemption from the Health And Safety At Work Act 2015. This doesn’t mean you can behave unsafely, but it does mean not having to worry about the paperwork.


  • You can not profit from an NZLARPS project. NZLARPS is a non-profit society and legally forbidden from providing monetary gain to members from its operations.
  • You may have to wait a few weeks to get approval, depending on your local committee’s schedule.
  • You will need to collect receipts for your expenses and give them to the society.
  • You may have to wait a few weeks for reimbursement of expenses after the event.