NZLARPS National Committee quarterly summary January 2019

NZLARPS National Committee quarterly summary January 2019

The NZLARPS National Committee doesn’t formally meet, and instead conducts business through its Diatribe forum. As a result, we don’t publish formal minutes. Instead, we have decided to provide a quarterly summary of business.

Matters discussed
Since October the National Committee has:

  • Worked through post-AGM housekeeping tasks.
  • Received feedback on the online voting system used for the AGM. This was generally positive, though there is a potential problem with people confusing their different ballots for regional and national elections, which we will need to try and minimise.
  • Responded to a query about the rules around ties with “no confidence” in elections (the situation did not arise, but a regional secretary wanted to be prepared in advance if it did). There is no constitutional guidance on this, and no mention of “no confidence” at all, in fact. Most elections however do include a clause that “ties are decided by a coin toss”; in the absence of such a clause the best guidance would probably be the AUSA constitution, since that seems to be where we have inherited our election system from.
  • Discussed how to fill the position of national treasurer. The committee called for candidates, considered several options, and held a vote. Brooklynne Michelle was appointed by the President’s casting vote.
  • Discussed updating our specialist marketing website, It is looking a little tired and much of its content is duplicated on the NZLARPS website. Naomi suggested turning it into a subsite of, which would share branding but use the same CMS. Regional marketing officers seemed to like this idea. There was some related discussion of marketing and flyers.
  • Discussed LARP Aotearoa, a new Auckland-based organisation aimed at “promot[ing] accessibility and affordability in LARPing”. NZLARPS supports all larp in New Zealand, and we welcome any organisation doing the same. We look forward to finding ways to work with LARP Aotearoa in future. The discussion revealed some public misconceptions of NZLARPS’ policies around intellectual property, and a public statement on that has been posted.
  • Related to the above, Mel asked for public input on pros and cons of running an event through NZLARPS.
  • Received an update on membership numbers in the Greater Waikato region. The region is still non-viable, and has not held an AGM for 2018. In separate discussions various regional committee members have acknowledged that dissolving the region is the best course of action, but no formal action has been taken.
  • Received a report from the secretary on membership numbers.

Motions passed

  • 2018-4 (11-Nov 2018) Who should we appoint as national treasurer? 2 for Alastiar’s brother (Courtney, Naomi), 2 for Brooklynne (Mel, Malcolm). Decided by the president’s casting vote for Brooklynne.