Who's up for digital larp this weekend?

  • Friday 8pm - 11pm Howling Fire Theomachy
  • Friday 8pm - 11pm Toil and Trouble
  • Saturday 8am - 11am Howling Fire Theomachy
  • Saturday 8am - 11am Toil and Trouble
  • Saturday 10am - 1pm Howling Fire Theomachy
  • Saturday 10am - 1pm Toil and Trouble
  • Saturday 1pm - 4pm Howling Fire Theomachy
  • Saturday 1pm - 4pm Toil and Trouble
  • Saturday 5pm - 8pm Howling Fire Theomachy
  • Saturday 5pm - 8pm Toil and Trouble
  • Saturday 8pm - 11pm Howling Fire Theomachy
  • Saturday 8am - 11pm Toil and Trouble
  • Sunday 2pm - 5pm Howling Fire Theomachy
  • Sunday 2pm - 5pm Toil and Trouble
  • Sunday 5pm - 8pm Howling Fire Theomachy
  • Sunday 5pm - 8pm Toil and Trouble

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For some reason I think running a digital larp will help with the lockdown blues, so lets give it a go.
I’ve got “Howling Fire Theomachy” and “Toil and Trouble” occupying some space in my brain, and they’ve got a structure that I think will suit the digital format.

We’ll be playing over Discord.

Howling Fire Theomachy
A story of mythology, power, guilt, and grief. In the wake of the unprecedented death of a god, his five living family members – together with three important mortals – gather to mourn and decide what their future holds.
For eight players and an Orchestrator. Lasts two and a half hours.

Toil and Trouble
A story of destiny, hard choices, love, and magic. Three witches cast a mighty spell to determine the fate of three noble heroes, who have their own opinions on the matter.
For six players and an Orchestrator. Lasts 100 minutes.

If you’re keen to play, mark which game and which timeslots you’re keen for, and whichever gets the most votes we’ll go ahead with. All times are NZ.


Ok team, we’ll go with 2-5pm Sunday and play Toil and Trouble. Unfortunately, I failed to click the thing that tells me who voted for that!

So please either post here or PM me with which of the roles you’d like:

The Men of Destiny
Galbraith Drachen - the Prince’s right hand - Ged
Emeric Varg - the Prince - Jamie
Harmenophis - the Princes’ stepbrother - Karen

The Witches
Tisia Drachen - betrothed of the Prince - Sigi
Idalys - the experienced witch - Ana
Valeska - the local wise woman - Cheryl


Unfortunately I can’t make that time, I wish the best of fun to all.

I’m sure it will run again (its small, good, and popular, easy to fit into a con schedule)

I’d like to play! Probably a witch but idc, happy to recruit some more peeps if we need

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I’m keen… Would’ve liked a witch but got here too late… Please give me the dude you think I’ll like best :smiley:

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I can’t get dms to work, can you let me know if I’m playing or not :’) I’m assuming you found someone else bc my reply to your dm didn’t work, but just incase !

I’m so sorry! I’ve had some problems with DMs in that past little while as well.

All good! Hope y’all had fun :slight_smile: