Who wants to meet a LARPer from the other side of the world?



I visit New Zealand next year (27.1. - 25.2.15). There are no convention around in this time. But I like to have some discussions with larp-groups. Maybe I can write an article for the german magazine “LARPzeit” (larpzeit.de).

We start in Auckland and visit Wellington february 6./7. for "Sevens Wellington 2015 (we need the ticket maybe only february 6th). We leave later from christchurch.

Who wants to meet a german LARPer for a beer, tea or hot chocolate?

(I´m not a female :slight_smile:


Hello Tara,

Traditionally we haven’t run many games that early in the year, but as luck would have it the Crucible is running their game on the 5th-8th of February, up here in Auckland. I see that this is the exact weekend you are heading down to Wellington, however. You can find out more here:


They also have a page on the facebook.

Hope you enjoy your trip out here!


Thanks for the tipp. But we visit this weekend the “Sevens Wellington” to see your Team “All blacks”.

Maybe I have to publish a new thread “Who wants to meet a LARPer from the other side of the world?” :slight_smile:


We are going to be running a Moonbright game on the 22nd of February, if you interested. It will only be an afternoon, and we’d love to have you along.

Here’s the forum with all the info (although there’s no info specifically on game 2, as we are running game 1 this weekend :wink: )