What's everyone planning for next year?


Everyone plans their larp running a year in advance, right? Here’s what I’ve already got pencilled in:

Hydra 2018: Premiering Longmuir Hall, and running Peaky’s Burning Orchid.

Cerberus 2018: Running Peaky’s Best of the Wurst. I’m idly thinking of trying Jason Morningstar’s Winterhorn as well, but I’m hoping to try it out first.

Winter 2018: Armageddon has moved to Easter, so the post-Armageddon larp cycle has shifted forward. I already have volunteers to run the Armageddon weekend game and a follow-up in May, but it looks like I’ll be running something in the June slot. I haven’t figured out what yet, though - any suggestions?

Phoenix 2018: I’ve offered A Game of Thrones: Blackfyre Rising as a flagship, since its topical and probably popular. I may offer a second smaller game as well, but I haven’t worked out what yet.

Spring 2018: Helping @Catnip run Tony Mitton and A J Smith’s The Kouros Intercept for Wellington Kestrel fans.

November 2018: NaLaWriMo again! And hopefully, this time more people will join me.


Here’s my plan for next year -

Hydra: First run of Firelight, the sort-of sequel to Gaslight.

Phoenix: Pretty Little Cultists, a game about Stepford-esque suburbanites ruled over by a Great Old One; and The Last Days of Pompeii, an existential game about travelling to modern-day Pompeii to die.

Other: I’m hoping to get Are You Now Or Have You Ever Dreamed, a fairly odd thing about Communists infiltrating Americans’ dreams at the height of the red scare, finished and playtested, and working on getting the first session of Contagion, an apocalyptic plague campaign, up and running for the end of the year/early 2019.____________


Kapcon 2018: Running A Wolf by Any Other Name (a stand-alone game based set in New World Magischola)

Hydra 2018: Spellbound a game based on a certain 60s sitcom with a synonymous title. This is a work in progress with about 75% of the characters at the first draft stage

Cerberus 2018: Inheritance by Luke Crane and Thor Olavsrud. A historical LARP set in 10th Century Denmark (not to be confused with the post-human SF game of the same name)

Phoenix 2018: The Kouros Intercept by Tony Mitton and AJ Smith. This is part 4 of the Kestrel Saga. I have just got my hands on a copy in time for Christmas reading. I may also end up helping @IdiotSavant run Blackfyre Rising

While I haven’t got anything scheduled to run as a stand-alone for the winter season, I’m happy to offer a rerun of something if it’s needed. I’m also planning the usual Wellington rerun of The Kouros Intercept in Oct/Nov

I might also have a go at NaLaWriMo if I’m not too busy with other stuff in November. I’ve started writing a cheesy gothic trilogy after all…