What's everyone looking forward to next year?

Almost a new year (goodbye and good riddance 2020). So what larp things are people looking forward to in 2021?

For me, its the return of cons. They all got cancelled this year, and I’ve missed them. I’m already planning what to offer at Phoenix, and have ideas on what to do for the others if they happen.

In campaigns, I’m looking forward to more Scandal & Society, which was a perfect low-key larp-of-manners, and to Londinium Rising, which was different in its own way. And to making more newspapers for Consequence.

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I’m looking forward to vaccines next year so I can travel without quarantine and see my family face-to-face for the first time in two years. I was originally supposed to be over there for a visit right about now.

Er, topic? Still not sure about Consequence 3, vaguely hopeful about Hydra, really looking forward to KapCon. May have a very early (but cunning) plan to sneak in a larp in Europe if I do manage to get there in the northern summer.

Also looking forward to making more costume pieces. I’ve got a long list of things I’d like to try my hand at.


Scandal and Society was great, light and meddling, so the march game has me anticipating.

Another run of that slice of life Londonium Rising would be great.

But the big excitement is Blood in the Furrows. I cannot overstate how much I’m looking forward to sitting in a south english country accent for a weekend. I’m even considering shaving an old man bald spot into my real hair for it.