What's everyone been up to

Just to get up to speed, what’s everyone been doing since the last game? Who has been on Skye, and who has been elsewhere?

Jack and Lily left a couple of days after Zek’s funeral, and are yet to return.

Dahlia left the night after Zek’s funeral for a 2 month stay in another camp.

After the 2 months, she has yet to return.

Ivy was in and out for a bit, then she went away roughly a month and a half ago with Kali and Sameera. She isn’t back yet.

Leo hasn’t left Hanover Camp. He’s been preparing for the arrival of the baby while dealing with the loss of Margaret and Zek and trying to find someway to contribute to winning this war.

Kali only hung around for a bit and then went of with Sameera, and later Ivy. She has yet to return to the camp.

Charlie hasn’t been anywhere. At all. He occasionally starts up one of his flying machines, climbs to about two-hundred feet, and looks around before realising there’s nothing happening.

Esther hasn’t gone anywhere. She’s been learning to use a sword and throwing herself into research when she’s not busy dealing with a screaming infant.

Doctor Ashdown has been busily travelling around various army bases, sharing and learning information about closing the gates, plus helping medically where needed. He’s just returned earlier in the day from a meeting with Army Intelligence at the Gibraltar Command Post.

Jane’s been in Hell. Occasionally popping back and being very confused re: time and place. On the night before game she had her “Come gawk at the automaton” party, complete with free food.

Ford’s been in and out of the camp, as is his way. When in camp he spends a lot of time doing things for #74 for some reason. In the forest he’s been quite active catching Campbell camp deserters who’ve turned to banditry. He hasn’t been seen for a couple of days however.
Ford continues to show a reckless disregard to advice that he shouldn’t go off on his own so much.

#74 has been playing catch-up with paperwork, trying to help with the elections, and popping back to Raasay to get her squishy bits treated. Also, hanging out with Ford and making herself useful.