Whatislarp.co.nz updates

Hi Ryan, I noticed under sign up there is no advertisment for Chimera (its only on the Auckland page, and that hasn’t been updated). Considering Chimera is down on sign ups and is in the full swing of build up to the weekend are you able to amend this?

I’ll put together the HTML; it’ll need a banner. Maybe if this one was chopped to size and dates and a “sign up now” tag added?


Good idea, I’ve upload the HTML Idiot provided and done a banner for the homepage.

What is the best way to send through updates for this website, I’ve just noticed it doesn’t have some of the NZLARPS projects.

For regional page text, email marketing@nzlarps.org (I’m planning to get Wellington updated once TWTI is done and once the campaign situation has sorted itself out a bit).

For getting events listed on the signup page, use the thread here:

Banners for the front page are 938 x 220. We should really get one for Chimera.

For the moment it needs someone who knows HTML and has access via FTP. I’ve been doing all the updates, so emailing the marketing address with requests is fine or you can just post requests here or in the “Promoting larp” forum.

If you can provide finished text rather than “can we add projects X and Y” that would be easier on me, but if not I can talk to the project managers about what text they prefer

Hey Ryan, Could you also add the dryspell button and info to the Auckland page - None of it mentions wellington/Chicago specifically so should just be good to copy and paste :slight_smile:

Already suggested, with a note about cities :slight_smile:

I’m currently trying to get sidebar ads for the Hamilton games so we can rewrite that. And hopefully we’ll get something more concrete for Necronomicon as well.

Thanks, sorted now.

Is someone able to create a what is larp page that links to the sign up sheets for the fundraiser larp?

All the event details are here:


The sign up forms and info on the two games are:

Breakout Day
About Breakout Day
Written Morgan Davie, Zak Clark, Luke Walker, Jonathan Todd and Nate Cull. Originally written for and run at KapCon X, January 2001. Additional material by Anna Klein, Rowena Knill and Blair Purkiss for Battlecry 2010
It’s Breakout Day for the call centre staff of Zonix Inc, an evening devoted to training and teambuilding. But there’s an efficiency expert on site, and rumours of layoffs are pending. Secrets abound, mysteries flourish, and it might be true that the night teams are full of vampires. And what on earth is the product you sell when you make these calls?
ZONIX INC is a multinational company, but a fairly small one. The company sells products to customers by means of cold calls from a call centre. In the call centre, employees use computers to manage their calls. They cannot make personal calls, and the computer places each call. As soon as a call is answered the computer provides a simple script, standard sales stuff but with a numerical code instead of a product name. All the customers on the database know who Zonix is and what the numbers refer to, because many of them agree to make a purchase. Few of them ask questions. No-one who works in the call centre knows what the products actually are. The call centre has a high employee turnover and is not a very happy place to work.
Employees are divided up into small teams named after cities in the USA. The teams work closely together and everyone in a team is familiar with their teammates. Zonix’s local branch is run by Leonard Bracklee, who seems a perfectly typical member of senior management. It was Bracklee who announced this paid, compulsory “breakout day”, probably to counter drooping morale.
This game is the original “big KapCon larp”, and is a horror-comedy set in the corporate world with a rather unexpected twist, where getting fired may be the least of your worries!

docs.google.com/forms/d/1uRCo8C … 0/viewform

Muppets! The Larp

Some info on Muppets! The Larp - written by Prema Cottingham:
"The most sensational, celebrational, muppetational!"
It’s Friday night at The Muppet Show, 3 hours before curtain call when all our favourite cast of characters will hit the floorboards. Except all is not well backstage - some nefarious magic has fallen over the stars that has turned them all into the worst of worst…humans! They have three hours to get to the bottom of it before the curtain rises and chaos ensues!
A silly romp in muppetland.
Costuming wise participants are expected to dress with characteristics of the Muppet the character is based on, level of this costuming is up to the player.
Cast List:
Annie Sue
Camilla the Chicken
Dr Bunsen Honeydew
Dr Teeth
Floyd Pepper
Fozzi Bear
Miss Piggy
Sam the Eagle
Uncle Deadly

docs.google.com/forms/d/10KloBg … U/viewform

I normally supply a banner (924 x 220) for the front page, sort out the HTML (example attached), and just email everything to marketing@nzlarps.org.

I don’t write/speak HTML - Ryan has added things for me in the past - but I do understand he’s quite busy being a Dad now. Is he the only one with access? I am put together a poster this afternoon so will put together a banner too.

I think he’s the only one with access, but he’s usually quite quick to do it.