What theatreforms would people like to see?

What theatre-style games would people like to see next year? Any particular genres or styles people want to see more of?

(Hydra and Cerberus will be wanting game submissions in six months or so, and its always better (as in “less stressful”) to have the game actually written before you offer it, so the time to start asking for ideas is now…)

I like comedies, and ham.


I like comedies, but I feel like I’m a tad over-slapsticked at the moment. There’s a couple of lovely grimdark games coming up in Wellington so that should solve it.
I’m planning on writing a “running around outside” game for Hydra (theme is "Some of the players have gone missing! Can we find them before lunch (and the H&S officer makes us do paperwork about it!)) But I’d also like to play some more like that.
For Hydra, any game that involves lying down or sitting a great deal is always a winner for me. :smiley:


Having played a bit of “Startup Company” recently, I’m seeing the potential in a dotcomedy…