What should I run in October?


The next time I can run a game is October. So what should I run? I’ve boiled it down to three options:

  • Howling Fire Theomachy
  • Persephone’s Choice
  • The Gehenna Memo
  • Something else (comment below)

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(Quiz is open so I can cross-check with the Facebook version).

Howling Fire Theomachy is a game about gods and deicide by Kristen Hendricks. Its for only 8 players, but if there is sufficient demand it can either do a double run or be paired with another small larp. Full blurb here.

Persephone’s Choice is my 13 player Asimovian robot larp. It is being premiered at Phoenix next month, so if I’m not happy with it I’d default to the second choice. Full blurb here.

The Gehenna Memo is a larp of sorcery, espionage, bureaucracy and Lovecraftian horror, set at Bletchly Park in WW2. It has 13 player spaces, and has been thoughly playtested. Full blurb is here.


If you have an opinion on this, you should vote in the next couple of days. The upcoming larps list is out next week, and I’d like to have my plans solidified by then.



  • The Gehenna Memo: 8 Facebook (1 not from Wellington) + 1 = 8
  • Persephone’s Choice: 5 Facebook + 3 = 8
  • Howling Fire Theomachy: 3 Facebook + 2 = 5.

So, its a tie. Given this, I’ll go with the game I haven’t run before, Persephone’s Choice. I’ll assess how it goes at Phoenix and open signups on September 1. If it turns out to be a disaster, then I’ll do Gehenna Memo instead.