What have you been doing for the last six months?

It’s occurred to me that as it’s been half a year in game time as well as in real life since the last session, and a lot of us have been on Skye together for all or some of that time, we’re probably all too aware of one anothers’ bussiness to some extent. So: What have you been doing that’s public knowledge to the rest of us on Skye as of Session 2? And if you’re a newcomer who’s arrived in the gap between sessions, what would we know about you?

To start: Esther arrived back on Skye in mid-February, having been widowed during a demon attack in Japan in December, an event which Zek was also present for. She’s been working on upgrading the infirmiry with Moss, and outside of that she’s wrapped up in research for the Church of Van Helsing regarding information that she’s not currently permitted to discuss. While she’s definitely grieving, she’s expressed a desire to be treated normally and not to be fussed over, considering her grief to be something intensely personal. She often seems exhausted and worried, which she attributes to the strain of her Van Helsing project, and she’s perhaps a bit quieter and more cautious than she was when she first arrived on the island. Her fits of spontaneous rage seem to have, at least for the moment, ceased.

(This does not count as sending us a character update. However we will be reading these intently!)

Ivy was given a field promotion to 2nd Lieutenant about 4 months ago, while she was still recovering from the battle with Surt’s minions. Since then she has made it back to full strength, and seems to have settled into her new role as Captain Blake’s executive officer. She does go off from time to time on supply runs and other “camp work”, which she is not overly keen to talk about to casual passersby.

Otherwise she has been supporting Moss and Esther in their improvements to the medical facilities and making Skye her new home.

It was my understanding that time is fairly loose in the 33AR chronology, so it’s probably more “what you have been doing in the past few…months.”

Bess is…still missing.

Lilly and mahself have bin spending some time at the Talisker Whiskey Distillery, protecting it, or if necessary, helping rebuild it.

Ah hear Ivy may have joined us on occasion, though mebbee that’s one of them things she don’t like to talk about.

As ah unnerstand it, this is a place of deep religious significance to the locals, several gypsies, and a number of soldiers.


Flint has been missing since the time of the first picnic, it’s a well known fact that he stole the airship ‘Endeavour’ and absconded.

Some have heard rumour that authorities were closing in on him for some past misdemeanour, others that a debt he owed needed repaying, a few even believe a broken heart might have been enough for him to risk life and limb and leave all he loved behind.

In the intervening months the stolen Airship, hastily rechristened the ‘Gypsy Queen’, has been spotted over Skye a handful of times. Always arriving in the dead of night, never stopping, just hovering long enough to allow a few more refugees to be dropped to one of the evacuation camps.

Word from these survivors that some rakish individual had liberated them from a difficult situation. More by chance than skill, but it seems the ‘luck of the gypsy’ is holding out for Flint. But for how much longer…

One of my official duties is to ensure the whiskey supply remains :smiley:

Moss has been helping Esther be a helping one with the medical. Those who are returning ones to Skye will be seeing a more different hospital area that is a recent one.

Moss has also been helping Leo and making for marrying day plans. This is the gypsy way for the night before the marrying day (Friday night) to be putting up the wedding decorations. Please to be noting that anyone else is welcome to be a helping one with this.

After spending a few months traveling in Japan, Zek returned to the Isle, dropped off in the middle of the night by a mysterious airship (that may or may not have had ‘Flint Express’ hastily spraypainted on the side). After spending a few days recuperating after his voyage, he started work collecting information about the Isle, mapmaking and combing through parish records. He seems to be throwing himself into his work; his conversations are usually terse and distracted.

Jane’s been almost everywhere. She climbed mountains to deliver delicate glass equipment to scientists, she spent New years holed up in a cave with zombies howling outside, she belly-crawled for three days through the ruins of Rome to bring battle plans to the pope, helping to break the Siege of the Vatican… and recently she’s learned how to bake scones. She’s very proud of the scones.

Leo has been coming to grips with his new role as officer commanding for the Hanover Refugee Camp. Two decades as a frontline soldier have ill prepared him for administrative duties but thankfully other camp residents have taken responsibility for different areas about the place to help out.

He has got back in contact with his mother and brother back in Keswick to let them know he’s alive and about his upcoming wedding to Moss. Other than that, Leo has been enjoying the only six months of peace he has known since he was a child.

That’s almost as bad as saying he intends to retire, but just has one shift to go.


That’s almost as bad as saying he intends to retire, but just has one shift to go.[/quote]

“Oh, that’s a shame. Just two days before the end of the demon apocalypse.”