What games would you like to see?

So there is a writers weekend coming up soon in Wellington where the Hyrdra flagship will be written. There is also likely to be 1 or 2 other 20 - 40 player games written as well.

What we are looking for is your ideas, what would you like to see? Not just for the flagship but other games at Hydra. We won’t promise we will actually use the ideas as we will have some of our own as well. But it may spark something, and it gives other GMs some ideas to use for games as well. Also ideas for one off Larps that could be run during the year are also welcome.

Yay, next Hydra! I definitely am keen to play some comedy games. I loved Slash II, though that is a very… specific kind of humour. Also games with NPCs are fun for Aucklanders like me not having to bring tons of costume down.

I’m pretty keen to know what people think also. I have a few games I’m trying to choose between to write for next year. If you have an opinion, please PM me rather than clouding up this forum. Do you want me to write:

  • a star wars larp (think cantina)?
  • a third rock from the sun larp (not necessarily the tv characters that you know)?
  • a larp set in Walter Moer’s Zamonia? (very colorful and crazy fantasy world)

I’m planning to run 13 Angry Men With Guns from Chimera '12 at Hydra '14. At the moment though my plans have a tendency to self destruct, so maybe it’s best if we just don’t mention it :wink:

I’d love to see more Noir genre, I missed my chance last Hydra.

Temporarily missed - it may be making an appearance in Auckland sometime…

Naturally, almost all the ideas I have for large, flagship-style larps written at writer’s weekends are pseudo-historicals (so, GoT-style fantasy, or fantasy renaissance florence, or something like Sanctuary), because they’re easy to write. Houses / factions, politics, romance, it all just rolls out.

(I wouldn’t write a real historical at such a thing, because there’s no time to do the research).