What are people planning to run in 2017?

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So, what are people planning to run at Hydra 2017? Yes, its six months away - but given normal larp production timelines, that means its time to start thinking about it now. And Hydra is going to need ~15 games…

I’m thinking of running two games: “The Moorstepper on Lloegyr” (King Arthur meets Beowulf; ran at Chimera a few years ago), and “Jane Austen’s Emma” (what it says on the label).

So, what are you planning?


Nothing. :wink:

But now I am thinking about what could be run at that venue… it has a lot of outdoor spaces we haven’t used in a while. We’re still looking at a March date?


I understand Scott is aiming for March 24 to slip between Remnants and Crucible.


I’m thinking of Running “Will That Be All?


Currently planning to run Gaslight (unless I get really enthusiastic and finish writing something else in the next month or so).


Thinking about possibly running Muppets the Larp, needs some reworking from the last run, but less work than writing a whole new game - which I might still do.