What are people doing next?

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So, now everyone has had a great Chimera and is good and inspired, what are you all planning to write next?

I have a couple of projects in train ATM, but I’ve also had ideas for at least two more Laundry larps in the style of the Gehenna Memo: a historical called “His Majesty’s Wizards” or “The Invisible College” about witches and sorcery, and a Cold War thriller called “Big Iron”. These will need some time to fester and ferment to become truly squamous, but one of them will hopefully premiere at Hydra 2018 or Phoenix 2018.


Not that I went to Chimera, but…

I’m slowly trying to get back into Larp-writing, which means I’m currently (while heavily distracted) writing a 20-person (or so) Larp currently called The Lark Rises, which is based on the party game The Resistance. While it’s got a pretty standard parlour-Larp structure, it’s also divided into a three-act structure, divided by “missions”: I’m blaming this decision to focus on episodic play on both Anna (who did it in An Intimiate of Devils) and Russ (who did it in The Library, Episodes 13, 21, and :.). Work on this is currently on hold while I work out what I’m doing with (a) my KapCon game and (b) my life. Hoping to have it ready for showtime by Phoenix 2017, but we’ll see…

Further on the horizon is a small co-operative Larp that focuses on space and interpersonal relationships over goals and saving the world, and then a big-ass post-apoc Larp. No idea when I’ll even start on these! One at a time, right?


I’ve started working on the Fantasy Thieves Guild game that I’m writing as part of a team (but that has been gathering dust for quite a while)

In the thinking about, but not actually doing anything category there’s the Jane Austen in the style of PG Wodehouse LARP

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