Werewolf (MAFIA) Rules and registration

As has been announced in the Game Ideas thread Quest Waikato wants hold a fantasy based MAFIA game on this server.

[size=150]The setting [/size]

In the lands of East Hamiltonia in the isolated reaches and amongst the forests of the elves of Naylor existes the hard doneby village of Coates on Foxx. This village was established many years ago. It has never been particulary prosperous, partly because the distance traders have to travel to this community and partly because of the deaths that happen whenever there has been a full moon. However recently these death have increased in number and often not even during a full moon. The menace is out there. Can you get it before it gets you? Why was that dog howling? Hold on, there hasn’t been a dog in this village in months, they were all killed. What is that at the…


We will be using the simplest rule set for this game. This will allow everybody to get some experience before we introduce character roles.

1 ) Everyone playing must be registered.
2 ) Every player will be assigned the role of werewolf or villager. You cannot play any other role.
3 ) Villagers are only allowed to communicate with other villagers through the thread. Werewolves are allowed to communicate with each other by personal messages.
4 ) Game play will be divided into periods of day and night. Each period will last approximately 24 hours of real time and they will change at approximately 8.30am NZ time.
5 ) Day time: During this time players are allowed to vote on who they think is a werewolf. After the vote has been totalled the player with the most votes is killed by a silver dagger through the heart. (The mob has spoken.) In the case of a tie the moderator will toss a coin. You are allowed to vote for “No killing”. If that wins then there is no killing. When a killing occurs there will be a definative statement on whether they were a werewolf or villager given by the moderator.
6 ) Voting is on a seperate thread called “Werewolf voting” You are allowed one vote only. You are allowed to change your mind. If you change your vote, please edit your vote, do not add another reply to the thread. Thank you. After each vote is complete this thread will be deleted and a new thread of that name started.
7 ) Night time: During the night the werewolves are on the loose. They decide amongst themselves who they want to kill. They must choose someone to kill or one of the werewolves at random will die of hunger. The designated leader will then inform the moderator.
8 ) Designating the werewolf leader. The werewolves decide amongst themselves who is the leader. All werewolves know all the other werewolves (pheremones?). When a leader (Alpha Male) is chosen then the werewolves will inform the game moderator. If there is no leader then the wolves cannot feed.(See above)
9 ) Win conditions :
Villagers - Whan all the werewolves are dead
Werewolves - When there are more werewolves than players.

Note: Players that are killed early may be given a second chance attempt. They may be reintroduced into the game at a later date with a randomly assigned role.

If you want to use psuedonyms and charcter names other than your normal forum identity, then you must type your psuedonym in large font at the top of every posting you make in relation to the game.

[size=150]Start Date[/size]
Planned Start - Monday 4th June 2007
Registrations - Either below or on the “Game ideas- Mafia” thread.

Technically we need four as a minimum to play the game.

So far we have expressions of interest from :


Anyone else?
Starts 4th June.
Register before then.

Lyz will join the moment I get her registered. So that’s your four.

Thanks for arranging this!

In count me…


[i]In the lands of East Hamiltonia in the isolated reaches and amongst the forests of the elves of Naylor existes the hard doneby village of Coates on Foxx. [/quote]

Hey I used to live there! Seriously, when I flatted in Coates St in first year the bank account for our rent was in the name of “The Peasant’s Hovel”.

That was back when we had NZ banks, and they occasionally had a sense of humour…

Game on.

This is your last chance to join in the game. Last registrations taken by this evening. But the game is running now.

Last registration will be 7pm?

Join in, have fun. Introduce yourself on the thread “Werewolf game - MAin thread” in the Quest Waikato forum

[size=200]New Game[/size]

Same rules as last time. Starts Monday 18th June at 8.30am

Go to Werewolf - Main thread - 18th June 2007 and introduce yourself.

Feel free to reuse characters. The werewolves will be chosen at random.

P.s. Garn, your wench is still alive. A necromancer managed to grab her soul before it departed forever and a passing priest of T’rapithis put the soul into her body.

Can we recycle dead or furry characters?

What happened to the nifty werewolf death scene I wrote for the last one in case the vote went against me?

Yes you are allowed to recycle characters. But the the werewolf(s) will be chosen using a random number generator.

I return once again!

Garn the Night Soil Cartman

Meg also returns. Every village should have a competent herbalist.

I want to play too please.