Werewolf Game - Voting

Please cast votes below. They will be counted at 8.30am each day.

The main suspects are

Mad Molly of Maisingstoke
Ange, the Seamstress
Meg, the Herb woman
Qwen, the bakers wife
Garn, the nightsoil man.

I vote for Garn. I don’t like his beady eyes and glib tongue about the pee.

I vote for Mad Molly. I don’t believe her story about the cat or being afeared of a dog. She has the sound of a guilty dirty werewolf about her and I want her dead. (the baker will have to save his best loaves for someone else now…hrrrrmmph)


Oi be thinkin there not be enuff evidence - I be votin for killin no-one afore we done some more investygatin’.
I’ll be a-prayin that Nocturne keeps us all safe this noight.

[size=200]Voting Closed[/size]
No lynching wins

is’nt this a draw?

is’nt this a draw?[/quote]

Indeed. And the rules say that a draw will be resolved by the magical psuedo random generator. in this case the one on my Casio fx-82MS calculator.

Aw, I missed the votes again? Pootz :frowning:

[size=200]Voting is Open[/size]

I vote for Mad Molly of Maisingstoke!

Yeah, I got a vote in this time!

"Pfft. Everything I see is the truth. I saws the werewolf, therefore it aten’t me. And why are you purple, eh? Something ye’re not telling us, missy?

“I vote Mrs Bun the Baker’s Wife, Qwen.”

I’ve never heard of anyone SEEING a werewolf and living to tell the tale. Certainly poor Garn never did! I think you are the werewolf Mad Molly, because I dinna believe that someone who spends all their time skipping about the village singing and counting out the alphabet at the top of their voice could successfully hide QUIETLY from a nasty vicious werewolf. Slay her I say, she is the devil’s animal! And none of us be safe in our beds while she haunts the village lanes and byways.

Oi’ve consulted the sacred 'erbs over me foire during the noight. Nocturne, great goddess ov the noight ‘as revealed to me that the noight-fiend is female - it be a she-wolf terrorisin’ our poor village.

Oi vote Mad Molly - oi’ve 'erd that these creatures be toied to the moon, and she’s an obvious lunatic!

[size=200]Voting is Closed[/size]

[size=200]Voting is Open[/size]

I vote Ange

Ange, you are the werewolf