Werewolf Game - Main Thread - 9th July

[i]Once again there is terror in the night in the Realms of Hamiltonia.

In the Region of the Hills Crest in the the hamlet of Knighton, their is discovered a corpse in the town square. The body seems to be exsanguinated. The pale lifeless corpse matches the colour of the moon last night. And you though you had problems with a werewolf. This seems to be much worse.

On careful inspection it is noted there are bite marks on the neck. This may have something to do with the corpses missing mayoral chains. The much revered mayor Biggus Dickkus is dead.

Some foul creature of the night has enetered the town like a dark cloud over the moon and snuffed the life of one of yours. Will the mayor be last?

Your chance to register for this werewolf game. Register by posting your name and brief description below. The hunger starts.

I be Qwen, a widow-woman just moved here from another village. My old village was plagued with werebeasts which killed my poor husband and it looks like trouble has followed me here. Is there nowhere in this blighted countryside which is free from the foul beasts? I’ve been many years a bakers wife and worked hard by his side, but that’s hard work for a widow alone in life, so I’ve just purchased the local inn. So if its food, drink or clean accomodation you’ll be wanting, I’m your woman. I’ve put extra locks on the doors and windows as well, and I won’t be venturing out after dark, not any more. Life is short enough as it is.


"I’m Talitha.

“I’m just a kid an’ my parents died last year an’ I’m hungry an’ please don’t hurt me. Do you have any chores need doing? I can work hard! For food? Please?”

I be late - but I’ll be Meg again if this proceeds…

We’ll start when we hit five.

I’ll do some ringing and texting.


I be thinking this is not a happening game. I be thinking there be not enough people left in the universe thanks to the dirty nasty werewolfs. I be thinking I wasted my money investing in the inn and now there be no one to come and spend their coin in my establishment. Oh dear, this is not a good day.