Wellygeddon 2018

TL;DR: anyone got any idea for a 30+ player game we can run in mid-May 2018 to pay for our Armageddon campaign? Or, alternatively, for two 20-player ones in May and June?

Because people are at Armageddon Auckland this weekend, I’ve begun thinking about NZLARPS’ potential marketing campaign at Wellygeddon 2018.

Things are complicated next year because Wellygeddon has moved to Easter. Which means it is just one week after Hydra. So both stall volunteers and players in any ComicCon larp may be sick / exhausted / larped out / just wanting a damn weekend off. I can get by with fewer volunteers, but for the thing to work I’d definitely need to be able to run a game, which means GMs and ~50% experienced players to show the new people how its done.

In order to make it happen, we need two games: a 16+ player game for Armageddon weekend, and a 30+ player game for mid-May. These games need to be good to hook in new larpers, they need to be relatively fresh (that is, not games that everyone has played) to attract the core of experienced larpers to teach by example, and they need to be profitable to pay for the marketing campaign. They also need to be “genre”, or at least pretty - games that will appeal to the Armageddon geek crowd. An additional constraint is that the ComicCon game can’t be explicitly branded: we can’t put a Star Wars or Harry Potter larp on the ComicCon website (but we can put one on a poster at Armageddon :slight_smile:

The good news is that I have plenty of options for the ComicCon game:

  • The Always Waltz (17) - a regency fairytale ball
  • The Crossing of the Caliburnus (14) - steampunk. Would need double run.
  • A Wolf by any other Name (6-20) - aka “Harry Potter breakfast club”. Still waiting to see if this one is any good; may be run at kapCon.
  • The Dance and the Dawn (13) - lots have played this, but enough haven’t for a viable run. Would be higher priced though.

I would love to hear other suggestions here, especially from people willing to run stuff.

The bad news is that I don’t have a good option for the 30±player game that pays for the bulk of the costs. While there are other options - we could do it with a pair of 20 player games over May and June - that’s potentially more effort for GMs. OTOH, we want to be running a game a month over winter anyway, so…

Alternatively, if someone wants to write a larger game which meets the specs (genre, pop, easy for new players etc), then there’s a market for it :slight_smile:

Alternatively alternatively: is there an outdoor option? May (or even late April) means better weather. And people do keep suggesting a dedicated KidsLarp would fit well in this slot (though involve kids the GMs don’t know, so maybe not).

I’d love to hear if anyone has any suggestions.

I’d be happy to double-run Calliburnus for this. I’ve played and read it already, so nice and easy for me


Crosspost for keeping info together - Harry Potter and the Ten Year Reunion (aka Hogwarts Reunion) is 20 players, and available, Jarratt and I are happy to re-run post Armageddon.