Wellington’s Sunday Series - 28th May

The next two games in Wellington’s Sunday Series are on the 28th of May! They’re $15 each for NZLARPS members (or $25 for both), and $20 each for non-members (or $35 for both).

We’ve got these two great ones lined up:

The 25th Annual Suncoast City Grand Prix

28 May 2023, 2:00pm–5:00pm

In this 10-14 player LARP inspired by Speed Racer, you’re invited to step into the world of high-speed racing and intrigue.

As the Grand Prix enters its second day, tensions are running high among the racers, their teams, and their sponsors - not to mention their fans! Luckily, everyone’s getting the chance for some much-needed breathing room in a social meet and greet.

The road to victory won’t be easy - friendships could turn to rivalries in an instant when there’s a trophy on the line. Is there enough time left to mend broken bridges and investigate dark dealings, or is the thrill of the race all that matters?

Angels in the Fog

28 May 2023, 6:00pm–9:00pm

Fog City, as it’s known to the locals, either loves you or grinds you to dust. In your case, it does both on alternating days. A city of failed writers, corrupt officials with broken social lives, amnesiac starlets, private eyes with shallow pockets, and businessmen with bank vaults where their hearts should be, and at the heart of the city, and your life, lies Pier Seventeen. Pier Seventeen is a place to drink, to escape from it all, to rub shoulders, to rub out enemies, and to rub away memories. In Pier Seventeen’s penthouse lives the ‘designer’ of Fog City, Levi Montgomery. This man is responsible for the systems that surround you, the picture houses and the utilities and the holograms. Slowly but surely, that man has stripped away the emotion, love and tactility from everyone in Fog City. Nobody reads or prays, or whispers secrets to another heart under the bedsheets. You’ve often wished someone would get rid of him. And now someone has. Drawn to Pier Seventeen late tonight, you’ve fallen into a web of deception and murder. Someone did this to Levi Montgomery. Maybe it was you: after all, everyone here has secrets. More importantly, everyone in Fog City is the star of their own story. Now if only you could remember how your story started, or where you were half an hour ago…