Wellington Posse?

Are there plans for people to go up en masse again this year? We’re starting to have conversations about booking flights.


OK, so I’m going to be travelling up to Auckland on the Thursday morning because of family reasons, but it’s likely that Cat will want to travel on the Friday afternoon - is anyone going to be going in the same time slot who would like to share taxi/shuttle expenses?


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So this might be a foolish question, but is Chimera still on this year? It’s theoretically a month away, but there’s no way to register, and no published game line up. Are people doing OK?

I don’t think it’s a foolish question, I just don’t know the answer

All the games have been/are being loaded in to the website, and last I heard it was a go.

Chimera 2017 has officially been cancelled:


From @Lee on Facebook:

For those of you who were planning on attending Chimera next month and now have a LARP con-shaped hole in your life - Phoenix is offering a $20 discount to anyone who was planning to sign up to Chimera. This is on top of the $5 member discount, so you can get the convention, accommodation, food, and transport from Christchurch city and back for a total of $65. If that sounds good to you, you can check out our lineup and sign up here:

The full timetable is here: http://saga.org.nz/phoenix-timetable/

And as a follow up - apparently if you had plane tickets to Chimera you can get them changed for about $50 (which, of course, is an additional expense but not as much as the whole ticket would cost) - come down and play!


Thanks to the Mainlanders for the kind offer. (My family were planning on going up to Auckland en masse and visiting relatives, so I’ll still be going up as originally planned, but I hope you get a lot of new participants at Phoenix.)