Wellington posse 2016

Every year a small horde of Wellingtonians descend on Chimera to run and play games. Who wants to be in this year?

The posse traditionally gathers at Wellington airport for a ~15:00 departure. We meet up with the Christchurch squad at the other end, and get a minivan to get us to Motu Moana (~$110, split however many ways). We book a return minivan to get us to the airport about 19:00 (give or take Auckland traffic), for return flights at 20:00 or 21:00 (allowing some decompression in the food court).

Our normal flights this year are NZ450 or NZ484 (departs Wellington 14:45; arrives 15:50; $199 with bag) to get there, and NZ475 or NZ469 (depart Auckland at 20:00 or 21:00 respectively; $119 with bag).

If you are coming from another city and arriving at a similar time, we’re happy to meet up for a fuller (and cheaper) shuttle.

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I’m arriving on the NZ 484 at 3.50 and departing on the NZ 469 at 9pm so would like to join the shuttle group please

I’ll be too late for the shuttle out there, but keen to meet up for the shuttle back. I’ll ask the rest of the Christchurch lot what time their flights are too.

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Daniel and I will be visiting on the way up but we are on NZ 469 on the way back down so would be keen to join the shuttle group then :slight_smile:

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I’m in for the shuttle, both directions.