Wellington posse (2015 edition)

Every year a small horde of Wellingtonians descend on Chimera to run and play games. Who wants to be in this year?

The posse traditionally gathers at Wellington airport for a ~15:00 departure. We meet up with the Christchurch squad at the other end, and get a minivan to get us to Motu Moana (~$110, split however many ways). We book a return minivan to get us to the airport about 19:00 (give or take Auckland traffic), for return flights at 20:00 or 21:00 (allowing some decompression in the food court).

If you are flying JetSuck or have booked a return flight before 19:30 you may need to arrange your own transport from Motu Moana as we cannot guarantee making your checkin.

Our normal flights are NZ0446 or NZ0486 (departs Wellington 14:55, $199) on Friday, returning on NZ0475 (departs Auckland 20;15, $139) or NZ0469 (departs Auckland 21:00, $119). Given that 0446 is nearly full price six months out, I’ve investigated alternatives; the next best price point is probably NZ0450, departing 13:25, which is $179. Though you’d probably need to wait around the airport for a while for others to turn up.

Edited: to include correct flight numbers. The ones I had given went Auckland - Wellington rather than Wellington Auckland. I hope nobody had booked them yet.

Edited: Updated prices.

Due to pricing, we booked on NZ450, leaving at 13:25. We’ll wait around if necessary to get a full minibus.

I have obscenely early flights Wellington-Auckland (I get into Auckland at around 7.30am), but I’d be in for the minivan on the way back if there’s room?

Easily. The Christchurch Horde are staying Sunday, so won’t be joining us on the trip to the airport.

Wellington Posse and Christchurch Mob: some coordination is required. If you need transport to Chimera on Friday Afternoon, or to the airport on Sunday evening, please fill out this form: docs.google.com/forms/d/1sZP4GL … =send_form