Wellington Gear Re-homing Meeting Minutes - 21 May

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The full minutes for the meeting can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yY1qqjoJuomVA7cE7SVjjb_RSEn9iiEo6axltJ1z36k/edit?usp=sharing

Decided Action/Summary:

  • To get it done before our deadline of October (next AGM), we need $4500 in total (rounded up for safety).
  • Assuming we relied on no income from NZLARPs membership or games, need approximately $1500- $2000 to raise.
  • Fundraising will continue past purchase of storage to ensure money is still in the NZLARPs Wellington account, though we expect some revenue from Embers and possibly Hydra for gear fees.
  • Pending building consent, further measurement checking and price scenarios, it is decided that a 3x2 constructacrate is the best option to be placed on Norm’s front yard.
  • Norm to double check measurements and boundaries of property. Site may be subject to change depending on legal factors.
  • Sophie will set up the PledgeMe page and coordinate with committee.
  • Insurance and delivery costs will be investigated by Mel for future.
  • Mel to seek out consultation for legal requirements of building on Norm’s property.
  • A thread will be started on public forums by Courtney for ideas of PledgeMe rewards to offer for different donation tiers.

Crowdfunding among other ideas is the most popular way of fundraising for a permanent solution.
Please comment in this thread here for suggesting reward tiers for pledges: Wellington Gear Re-homing Crowdfunding Suggestions