Wellington detective day

Its live-action cluedo!

Transporting you back to 1960’s London, “The Latest Krays” will see over 100 teams of super-sleuths compete to solve the double murder of the world famous Kray twins. Will your team be able to solve the clues, unlock the drama and crack the case in time?

It looks to be a smartphone-mediated, team-based urban scavenger-hunt style event, with costume encouraged. Tickets are £36 per team (of up to 6), and the average team takes 2 hours 20 minutes to solve it.

Ooooh. I participated in something like this once when we lived in the UK. It was great fun!

I’d be interested to join a team if anybody puts one together.

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I’m moderately tempted. But as the price is in £, I think I’ll wait until November before booking.

(Also: someone else would have to provide the smartphone. I don’t do that stuff).

:smiley: Same when it comes to the smartphone…!

Good point about booking later. The pound’s only going to move one way for the rest of the year, I think.