Wellington AGM nominations 2021 **EXTENDED TO 22ND OCTOBER**

NZLARPS Wellington is holding their AGM on Friday, October 29th. The exact time is to be confirmed closer to the day. Due to current affairs this will take place online, likely through Zoom.

Aside from administrative reports, a major function of the AGM will be to elect the new committee for the Wellington region. Nominations for the positions will be accepted in this thread, on the Facebook thread in the NZLARPS group, or by emailing: wellington.secretary@nzlarps.org .

Nominations must be put forward and seconded by current NZLARPS members. Please note that the nominee does not need to currently be a member, but must be by the time of the AGM.

The deadline for nominations is 6:30 PM on Thursday, October 14th Friday, October 22nd, 2021. Information on electronic voting will be sent when nominations close. Nominees must also accept their nominations by this time.

Due to electronic voting, we will not accept nominations from the floor.

Any other motions are welcomed to be posted here or via any other means listed above.

The positions up for election are:

Regional Director
Responsible for overall running of committee and society for the region. Promote the vision of the society, chair committee meetings, work for consensus in the committee. Attend meetings as regional representative of the society. Co-ordinate with other regional directors and Society President to ensure cooperation across the country in advancing the aims and visions of the society.

Regional Secretary
Keep all club correspondence in an organized fashion. Send letters as required. Send reminders of meetings to committee members. Take minutes at meetings and distribute to committee members. Communicate decisions made by committee to members.

Regional Treasurer
Responsible for society finances. Keep general ledger to track society expenditure and income. Pay all society accounts. Bank money received. Advise on availability of funds for projects and committee initiatives. Distribute budgets to project owners and receive repayments. Pass accounts to society accountant to be registered with the government. Present financial report of current position at committee meetings.

Regional Equipment Officer
Responsible for society-owned equipment. Organize for equipment to be stored, cleaned, repaired, and made available for project events. Keep records of where equipment is kept. Advise committee and project owners on what equipment is likely to be useful to current and future projects. Facilitate equipment workshops with project owners. Suggest equipment purchases. Report on state of equipment to committee.

Regional Marketing Officer
Identify online and offline communities. Devise strategies by which to promote larp games and events to these communities, with a view to recruiting new players into larping and potentially into joining nzLARPS. Coordinate marketing campaigns. Update the NZLARPS Auckland facebook page and any other social media.

Regional General Officer (2)
Can take up responsibilities as required.

Each position must be held by a separate individual.

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The current nominees will be posted here and updated as necessary.

Regional Director: Courtney Parnell (nominated, seconded, accepted)
Regional Secretary: Elizabeth Blucher (nominated, seconded, declined), Donna (nominated, seconded, accepted)
Regional Treasurer: Brooklynne Michelle (nominated, seconded, accepted)
Regional Equipment Officer: Toby Stewart (nominated, seconded, accepted)
Regional Marketing Officer: Malcom Harbrow (nominated, seconded, accepted)
Regional General Officer 1: Tim Crow (nominated, seconded, accepted)
Regional General Officer 2: Callie Upton (nominated, seconded, declined) and Lee Patrick (nominated, seconded, declined), Bradley Blucher (nominated, seconded, accepted)

Edited 22 Oct 4:37 pm

I’d like to stand as a general officer.


I second Tim for general officer.


Go Tim! (Seconded as well.)

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I’ll nominate all current committee members to their current roles


I accept my nomination for marketing officer

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I second idiot for Marketing officer.

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I accept my nomination :slight_smile:


I decline my nomination.

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I would ideally like to step down from the committee as I will be learning to juggle family life in the new year.

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Anyone else want to step up to be secretary?

Hmm. I note that all roles are marked as seconded, even though there’s no actual post. So to avoid any confusion, I second all current committee members for their existing roles (except myself, because I’ve already been done).

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I accept my nomination

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Is there a description of the position requirements anywhere? It might help people decide if they’re up for it

At the top of this thread. I’ve done a detailed how to on how to be regional marketing officer, but none of the other positions are fully documented.

The high-workload local positions are treasurer and gear officer. In a normal year with monthly events, these people are paying bills and loading gear in and out every month. The other committee positions are largely governance: approving new projects, suggesting what we might do or purchase. Wellington has largely chosen to handle committee business online as it comes up rather than having formal monthly face-to-face meetings, which has worked for our workload so far. So its basicly a matter of having to pay attention to your emails and every so often comment on a diatribe thread. (This might change if we saw a much higher level of larp activity, but it worked for 2019 levels of one weekend-long campaign and a bunch of smaller events).


Thanks Idiot, there was a comment seconding all nominations but it has disappeared.

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In the interest of the committee I will accept my nomination for this year but will still look to step down if the opportunity arises.

Accept nomination for Gear Officer.

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I would be ok to stand for secretary to give you a break

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